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The School of Homeopathy offers a four year licentiate course in homeopathy that runs from Hawkwood one weekend a month, ten months a year – making the School one of Hawkwood’s biggest partners. Each month all four years come at once bringing a community of 50-60 students together for an enjoyable weekend of homeopathy at Hawkwood. The course is fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths.

We are very grateful to the School of Homeopathy and the Clare Holtham legacy that have generously supported the refurbishment programme of the downstairs of Hawkwood house.

The School of Homethathy offers 4 levels to their Homeopathy Advanced Practitioner Course:

1 Year : Foundation Diploma Course

2 Year : Introduction into Practice Diploma Course

3 Year : Practitioner Diploma Course

4 Year : Advanced Practitioner Diploma Course

You are welcome to enrol one year at a time or just complete the Foundation Course for personal interest if you do not wish to become a qualified homeopath.

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