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Hawkwood exists and thrives because of people like you supporting our work – whether by attending a course, hiring our venue, being part of our volunteer team or being involved in our community projects and events.

A Place to Flourish: Hawkwood’s course and event programme provides an often transformational experience for participants to try new things, learn and develop skills.

A Place to Create: The artists residency programme invites artists to create new work away from the pressures of everyday life – producing exceptional art, writing or compositions in an inspirational and supportive setting.

A Place for Future Thinking: Our Centre for Future Thinking allows us to engage with serious questions and issues in imaginative ways. It is emerging as a hub for like-minded individuals, forward looking organisations and changemakers.

We are committed to improving our place and conserving the heritage of our Grade II listed building while attracting a high calibre of tutors and presenters on our programme. This costs money! If you are able to help by gifting to our charity or introducing us to potential donors, we’d love to hear from you, please either email Alicia@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk or call the office on 01453 759034.

Thank you – we really value your support.

Here are some other ways you can support Hawkwood:


Friends of Hawkwood

50/50 Club