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Hawkwood's Centre for Future Thinking programme provides a space for people to come together to explore their own and society's values, and to question and debate the future of a rapidly changing world.

Our vision is about creating the world we want for now and our future. We convene people and organisations from many disciplines in support of a creative, flourishing society and a sustainable environment. We invite innovative thinkers to addres societal, cultural and environmental challenges through keynote events, dialogue days, films and educational programmes. See below some of our YouTube videos of previous talks and presentations.

You can watch some of our YouTube videos former talks - please scroll down the page.

Leadership at Hawkwood: Centre for Future Thinking  

The personal meets the organisational

Organisational culture is moving from hierarchy towards cooperation and communication.  With the growth of social media, flash mobs, kickstarting, crowd funding and more, our lives are becoming more complex and flexible, which presents challenges as well as choice and freedom. Qualities such as innovation, intuition, creativity, positive attitudes, resilience and empathy are more valued than ever before in the workplace and in relationships of all kinds.

At Hawkwood, these qualities are reflected in an emergent strand of our programme, bringing together  resources for you to explore your development as a leader of your own life and in wider forums. These courses are guaranteed to bring you forward in your self development, and delivered by top mentors and guides.

In 2017 we are presenting

RE-thinking Time - Saturday 14 October Alan Bec, RSA  and Saturday 14 October 7.45 for 8pm a public talk 

Being Centred: Tai Chi and conscious  movement 20-22 October - Paul King

Transforming Trauma 24-26 November - Jane Chase and Margli Matthews

Previous work includes

In 2016-2017 we welcomed

FemmeQ 6- 7 July - pop-up summit - Feminine Intelligence applied to real life. Scilla Elworthy, Karen Downes, Hetty Enzig, Renata Kellar and more....

SEED FESTIVAL: Planting Big Ideas 7-9 July - Tim Smit, Bruce Parry, Polly Higgins, Craig Bennett, Satish Kumar, Ed Gillespie, Juliet Davenport, Matthew Taylor, Helen Browning plus Matt Harvey, amazing music, youth activities and more.

Rising Women, Rising World Monthly Monday gathering 6.45pm for 7.00-9.00pm

Building Well-being together now 22-24 September - Network of Wellbeing conference.

Leadership, Adaptability and Autonomy 4 -6 October - Lessons from As you Like it with Richard Oliver and Phyllida Hancock

Rising Women, Rising World - Scilla Elworthy and Karen Downes

Theory U - Live U Lab Webstreams - Otto Scharmer. Plus ongoing coaching circles

RSA - Royal Society of Arts and Engineering

Findhorn New Story Summit hub - ongoing networking group

Radical Wholeness: Get out of your head and into your Body - Philip Shepherd

Future Considerations.

Previous contributors include: Charles Eisenstein (Author of Sacred Economics), Natalie Bennett (Green Party Leader), Juliet Davenport (CEO Good Energy), Ed Gillespie (Futerra and author of Only Planet), Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future) and Arthur Potts Dawson (Economy and Ecology of Kitchen).

Below are some of the inspiring Centre For Future Thinking talks.


World Soil Day - 5 December 2015


Placing Art at the Heart of Ecology - Let’s Get Creative About our Future... In 2015 Bristol, one of our closest cities celebrates being the Green Capital of Europe. Hawkwood’s Seed Festival will focus on the sectors of society that are equipped to make the greatest difference and lead the way forward - business and the arts. Seed Festival 2015 will feature thought leaders from local, national and international arenas who are advancing the latest innovations in the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. Our debate will reveal the resulting social impact and show how businesses who are on the cutting edge of change can be aligned with social action, arts and celebration. Creative support, road maps, toolkits for our future world and lots of fun in beautiful surroundings are included in the package!

Visit the website: www.seedfestival.co.uk  

The Seed Festival was a collaboration between all the Artists, Speakers, Partners; with Seed Idea and the Hawkwood Team.