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Introducing Sounding Bowls - Tobias Kaye

Introducing Sounding Bowls - Tobias Kaye Sun 30 Apr

  • Arts

Discovering Your Music with Sounding Bowls

The amazing thing with Sounding Bowls is just how easy it is to make them sound really good. Making Music with NO prior knowledge or skills just happens once you discover a few simple ways. This workshop for Sounding Bowl owners (and prospective ones) takes you through all you need to know to care for and play your Sounding Bowl. more


Tobias Kaye developed Sounding Bowls from his work as a sculptor in wood. He now runs courses in sound, silence and consciousness in Europe and America

“ Tobias clearly has a great depth of understanding and conveys this in an inspiring manner.”

“When you first played that note it felt like all my hairs stood up, a shock went through me.”

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