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Lifelines: A midwinter drawing retreat - Morag Donnelly Thu 13 Dec - Sun 16 Dec

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In preparation of Winter Solstice, before the flurry of Christmas, we offer a pause, immersing into the quiet of winter and resting in our senses to explore the richness and vitality of life drawing. Relaxing in our touch on paper, meeting the mystery within ourselves, we can see and sense life. Cosy fires will keep us warm and together we will embrace the enveloping darkness in a candlelit evening session.

Lifelines is a unique approach supporting a natural, spontaneous response to the models’ gestures, movement and atmosphere with our hands, ink, earth pigments and heart. 
This instinctive form of life drawing is freeing for artists of all levels and offers a new vocabulary that can unfold and deepen our touch and seeing, giving renewed wonder to our expression through drawing. Comfortable accommodation and delicious home-cooked food will support your process

Registration & Arrival 4.00-6.00pm Thursday. Course begins with supper together at 6.30pm; Course ends about 5.00pm on Sunday

Fully inclusive residential single room £410; shared £360; non-res £295 materials extra £30* paid in cash to tutor at the course.

* paper prices have risen this year.

Morag Donnelly, BA Fine Art, artist and dancer has deep insight into the craft of life drawing, based on 15 years’ experience as both model and as guide. Her mentor is Meriel Gold (Hoare), former pupil of Cecil Collins, whose drawnhome courses are internationally renowned. She is accompanied by musician and life model Paul Cerigo.

Please visit Morag's website www.lifelinearts.wordpress.com

Photo by Fred Yardley

"Exhilarating - learning to push my boundaries. A beautiful and gentle experience, opening up new possibilities. The tutor was inspirational."

"I was encouraged to gently unfold and develop without pressure. Morag is more generous in her professionalism. Would recommend to anyone whose sensitivity to this approach is waiting to be encouraged."

"Amazing, life-changing! Morag is inspiring and fantastic. The course was brilliant. Great connections made."

 “Guided into life’s luminous nature by the quiet small nearness of what is most close; the touch of paper, the flow of watery ink, our own breathing. Intimate, we can rediscover the wonder and awe of this moment …creativity and inspiration can then bloom effortlessly.”… morag


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