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The Art of Portrait Photography Sat 26 Jan

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There are many approaches to portrait photography. This course intends to only explore Sylvain Guenot's personal way of showing people in a still image which he calls a “Peoplescape.”

The day begins with studying existing images to understand what makes an image with a “person to be portrayed” work. This new perception will be put into practice by creating our own portrait images during the day. Each participant will be asked to sit for a portrait, and also make a portrait of someone else.

The course will include:

- Composition and relationship between the sitter and the rest of the image

- Importance of background and sometimes foreground

- How to turn these background and foreground abstract and link them with the sitter in order to express mood and personality.

This is the originality of a “Peoplescape” - before coming to the course, we recommend you look at Sylvain's portfolio http://www.sylvainguenot.co.uk/ 

What  you will gain from the course:

- In-depth study of a unique approach to making photographs 

- Expand your creativity by learning to see beyond reality and interpret it

- Create impactful portrait images with unusual profound insightfulness

Sylvain Guenot is a professional photographer specialising in portraiture with extensive experience abroad. He has been many times to Hong-Kong, Singapore, Middle East and California to take family portrait commissions. In 20013, he had a solo exhibition in New York featuring 52 portraits of New York-based famous Contemporary Dance dancers. The exhibition was shown in Stroud at Lansdown Gallery in 2015. http://www.sylvainguenot.co.uk/ 

His work has been published in Country Life and Rugby World and books published by Hawthorn Press. 

Sylvain was elected ARPS in  2006 (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society).

Participants will need their own digital camera and laptop, tablet or similar digital device, fully charged with a charger.  

Registration and Arrival 9.00am-9.30am; course begins 9.30am. Course ends 5.00pm


Course fee includes coffee on arrival, morning break, delicious two-course lunch, afternoon tea.  

A recommendation:

I was instantly struck by the power and presence of Sylvain’s portraits in a local exhibition. They are full of subtlety and soul, daring and edgy, but unpretentious. There is a richness of detail and composition where all the elements talk to each other creating a compelling whole. Genius! That's why I have invited him to be part of the Hawkwood 2019 programme.  Katie Lloyd-Nunn, Hawkwood Programme Manager

This course is part of Stroud’s Celebration of Photography and accompanies exhibitions and events throughout  January 2019.  

Details will appear on www.photostroud.co.uk in December 2018

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