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The Good Messenger - A Dark Angels Writing Workshop Fri 18 Jan - Sun 20 Jan

  • Arts
At a Glance
  • Writing exercises that stretch and inspire, whatever your writing genre
  • New techniques to become a better writer
  • Learn lessons from fiction that apply to you personally.

Taking John Simmons’ novel The Good Messenger as its starting point and thread, this workshop helps writers find or rediscover their purpose as a writer. ‘Why do you write?’ is an essential question for every writer, personally and professionally. This workshop, through exercises and opportunities for new writing, based on the novel, help you answer that question. Two leading writers in fiction and business writing guide you encouragingly through the weekend. 

Participants will Gain
  • Go away with a clearer sense of your purpose as a writer

  • Build confidence in your writing ability

  • Gain new techniques and inspiration in a sage, supportive space.

Explore some of the (often forgotten) essentials for becoming a better writer. This weekend workshop will use John Simmons’ new novel The Good Messenger to bring the process alive. Its lessons will apply to all forms of writing – from fiction to workplace communications. It will be very practical, with lots of writing, in the tradition of Dark Angels. Above all, it’s a chance to have fun with words and bring your true self to the page.

 “While the atmosphere is relaxed the exercises are the mental equivalent of tight-rope walking.”  Sunday Herald

Fully inclusive residential single £375.00; shared £335.00 per person. Non-residential option £195.00, includes suppers, lunches and refreshments

Residential places include all meals from afternoon tea on Friday to afternoon tea on Sunday.

Arrival is 4.00-6.00pm on Friday; course ends with tea at 4.00pm on Sunday.

About the Tutors

John Simmons is a founder of Dark Angels www.dark-angels.org.uk a UK creative writing programme described by many as ‘magical, transforming’. He says, “We stand for the power of words and writing, and for personal connection, kindness and fellowship.” 

Neil Baker is a writer steering Dark Angels into an exciting future. We are human.

Why Dark Angels?

The simple answer is that Dark Angels is the title of a book that John Simmons wrote about creative approaches to business writing. 

The more interesting answer is that while angels are ‘perfect beings’, it’s our imperfections and differences that make us unique, and uniquely interesting, as human beings. We are at our most creative and our most engaging when we bring our unique selves to our writing, when we are Dark Angels. Neil Baker

More informationn on Dark Angels - www.dark-angels.org.uk

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