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Xanadu: Learning to read our dreams (Dreamwork) Sun 14 Jul

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In the final analysis we count for something only because of the essential we embody...—C.G. Jung

Every night we dream, and if we remember any of our dreams, we are often baffled, and a whole rich resource of meaning and guidance goes missing. This day—facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist and homeopath, both of who are also poets—is about learning to read our dreams, revealing their meaning through the imagination and ‘the genius of the psyche’. We will work individually and in pairs as well as in the group. You will leave it feeling enriched as well as inspired in a new relationship with the whole dimension of dreaming where the unconscious and the conscious meet, and new colours are born. You will have on-going guidance for your inner and outer life.

Please bring a recent dream.

Jay Ramsay is a poet and UKCP psychotherapist who has been teaching at Hawkwood since 1993. The Dangerous Book is his new lyrical version of The Bible (www.fitzroviapress.co.uk).

Polly Howell is a experienced homeopath, poet, and passionate gardener. She’s been working with her dreams for as long as she can remember—they have been her biggest teacher.


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