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Brutus and the Myth of New Troy - After the Illiad and the Aeneid Fri 06 Dec - Sun 08 Dec

  • Spirituality

After Homer’s Illiad and Troy’s fall, Virgil recounts the wanderings of its last survivor, Aeneas. Legend continues with the adventures of Aeneas’s grandson, Brutus who comes to Britain, fights the native giants, and founds Troynovant, or London. We explore enact parts of the Brutus myth and the giant Gog Magog, with artist Charles Newington, who will introduce us to the making of contemporary chalk hill figures.  

Caitlín & John Matthews are the authors of Lost Book of the Grail,  & the Complete King Arthur. They have taught at Hawkwood for 34 years. www.hallowquest.org.uk

Charles Newington is the creator of the Folkestone White Horse chalk hill figure and an acclaimed artist. His recreation of the Gogmagog and Brutus figures at Plymouth Ho is under consultation.

Fully inclusive residential single £340; shared £300 per person. Non-residential £260, including suppers and lunches

Arrival 4-6pm Friday; course ends after lunch on Sunday

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