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Crossing Boundaries: The Adventure of Rudolf Steiner's Inner Path

Crossing Boundaries: The Adventure of Rudolf Steiner's Inner Path Thu 21 Feb

  • Spirituality

Rudolf Steiner offered abundant resources to help access and strengthen the inner resources that each of us have to better meet the challenges that humanity faces now. In this talk we will consider the possibility that there is “more to life …” and that this “more” can give us insights and inspiration that enable us to act in the world with greater wisdom, resilience, and compassion.

Marjatta will address the boundaries between:

  • Our inner and outer lives,
  • The relationship between ourselves and others and
  • Our relationship to our day and night existence
  • And the world “out there” and ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner was the founder of Anthroposophy which he defined as “the consciousness of one’s humanity”. His work offers a modern science of the spirit, appropriate to the inner conditions of present-day humanity. His ideas have influenced fields as diverse as meditation, education, agriculture, architecture, medicine, banking and more.

Entry £7 / concession £5 

Tickets will be available on the door but we recommend booking online in advance as events can sell out.

Concession prices are offered in the spirit of inclusiveness and trust. If this is appropriate for your financial situation, you are welcome to book the event on this basis.

Marjatta van Boeschoten is the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. Have been a pupil at a Waldorf Steiner School, a lawyer and then a management consultant, she founded her own business working on human development at work and building collaboration in and between large national and international companies and organisations. She was on boards of Triodos Bank NL for 16 years.

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