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Esoteric Philosophy with William Meader Fri 25 May - Sun 27 May

  • Spirituality

Forerunner of the Light: Transforming the Echoes of Atlantis

The crises now facing humanity are remarkably similar to the events that determined the fate of ancient Atlantis.  At that distant time, individualism and unbridled desire were the driving forces of civilized life.  As a consequence, this gave birth to social inequality, separative attitudes and rampant materialism.  And though Atlantis is of prehistoric antiquity, its echoes are loudly reverberating in our world today.

Yet unlike the catastrophic demise that befell that ancient land, there is reason to be hopeful of a vastly different outcome today. For many years, a group of countless souls from the Inner Ashram has been coming into incarnation. Collectively known as the Forerunner of the Light, they represent all people who are consciously walking the Path and seek to bring Light into the world. Often called the New Group of World Servers, this noble group is truly the hope and promise of the future.

Modern society now stands within the antechamber of an initiatory opportunity that is truly unparalleled. It is a testing time to see if we can rise above the echoes of the past in support of a new and dawning age. The forerunners of today support humanity in this regard. They are also the vanguard for the externalization of the Hierarchy of Masters—an event not seen for countless millennia.  

During this weekend gathering we look very deeply into the nature of this group, and the power they wield on behalf of humanity’s future. We will also consider the forces arrayed against their efforts, not the least of which is the heresy of separateness now evident within the various departments of human expression—social, political and religious. When we wisely navigate such challenges, humanity will surely enter into its divine heritage.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us for this weekend event.  You will find it educationally absorbing, and will learn a variety of skills and techniques that will enrich your capacity to be a more effective forerunner at this pivotal time in human history.

We hope you can join us!

This intensive study weekend based upon the Ageless Wisdom teachings will be of interest to those familiar with the writings of Alice Bailey and the literature of Theosophy.  William Meader has been a student and international teacher of esoteric philosophy for over 20 years.  His passion is to teach people the deeper implications of modern spiritual development and the means to express the soul more effectively in the outer world.

EARLY BIRD COURSE FEE before 1 March: Fully inclusive Residential single £310; shared £270; Non-residential £230 (includes supper on Friday, lunch and supper on Saturday and lunch on Sunday)

after 1 March: single £330; shared £290; non-res £250

William Meader has been a student and international teacher of esoteric philosophy for over 20 years.

Arrival is 4.00-6.00pm on Friday, then supper together at 6.30pm. Course ends with afternoon tea and departure on Sunday at 4pm.

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