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Grail Quest public talk Sat 26 Aug

  • Spirituality

Eminent Grail scholar David Elkington  gives the Chair of Wisdom inaugural lecture, open to the public, on the Jordanian Lead Codices.    

The Jordan Lead Codices, (sometimes called simply the Jordanian Codices), are a collection of codices allegedly found in a cave in Jordan and first publicised in March 2011by David Elkington. He stated that a hoard of ancient books made of lead and copper, together with other artefacts, probably dating from the 1st century AD, had been found in Jordan, and that they might predate the writings of St Paul The response of some academics was sceptical and the claim that these are as important as the Dead Sea Scrolls has attracted controversy. 

Come and hear more of the inside story.

Tickets £16.00 / concessions £12.00   7.45pm

This talk is part of a weekend retreat with David Elkington and John Matthews.

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 David Elkington  is co-author of The Case for the Jordan Codices.  

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