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Healing with the Body Elemental - Tanis Helliwell Sun 27 May - Tue 29 May

  • Spirituality

In this 2-day workshop you will develop a deeper relationship with your body elemental—your body consciousness—to diagnose causes of physical, emotional, mental weaknesses and co-create with it for optimal health.

Topics will include:

  • Learn about the mental and emotional causes of illness
  • Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body to increase your frequency
  • Discover genetic and ancestral patterns to heal your family lineage
  • Exercises to dissolve negative thoughtforms that cause illness and pain
  • Find out how the mind and heart program the body
  • Learn heart meditations to create harmonious resonance and entrainment for all systems.
  • Practice techniques with others to remove energy blocks
  • How self-healing leads to healing of others and the Earth

single £325; shared £285; non-res £245

COURSE FEES include tuition, materials, accommodation and delicious home-cooked meals and refreshments. Non-residential fee includes all of the above, except bed and breakfast.

Arrival 4.00-6.00pm; supper together 6.30pm.  Public Talk at 8.00pm (included for participants in the retreat.)

Journey of Consciousness and the Dark Night of the Soul

Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., is founder of the International Institute for Transformation which has students in nine countries. She has worked with psychiatrists, physicians, psychotherapists and other healing professionals in Germany, Switzerland and North America offering her leading-edge work with the body elemental under the title of Towards Spiritual-Body Psychotherapy. As a transpersonal therapist and guide she is committed to assisting individuals with their personal transformation.

Sunday evening talk: A Journey to Consciousness: The Dark Night of the Soul in your personal life and that of the Earth


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