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Public Talk: In Search of Presence with William Meader Fri 24 May

  • Spirituality

Behind all that exists is found a pervasive life force called The Presence. Sometimes referred to as God, The Presence is the living and dynamic principle that gives rise to all that is. It is hidden at the core of all things and can be understood as the seed of divinity that gives birth to the universe and all that it contains. In truth, everything we know and experience is the out-pictured expression of this Universal Life. In this talk, William Meader will deeply examine the nature of The Presence as it is understood in the Esoteric Philosophy. He will also discuss the human soul and monad (spirit) and how they uniquely support The Presence and its evolutionary agenda.  

Entry £7 / concession £5

This evening talk is free to those participating in Meader's retreat: Esoteric Philosophy with William Meader

Tickets will be available on the door but we recommend booking online in advance as events can sell out.

Concession prices are offered in the spirit of inclusiveness and trust. If this is appropriate for your financial situation, you are welcome to book the event on this basis.

William Meader. An influential and respected teacher of The Esoteric Philosophy, William Meader has established an international reputation for his gift as a communicator of this philosophy. His extensive teaching program includes a diverse array of workshops and lectures devoted to nurturing a deeper understanding of the spiritual path, both from an individual and global perspective.

“William Meader has a special gift for eloquently articulating the Esoteric teachings in a way that touches your heart and resonates with your soul. He expresses himself in a way that blends the heart and mind together and brings things down to a practical level where you can apply them to your daily life. I highly recommend William’s talks and workshops.”— Phoenix, Arizona


The Esoteric Path from Soul Bridging on Vimeo.

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