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Self Inquiry and Self-Transformation: Public Talk with Ravi Ravindra Fri 06 Sep

  • Spirituality

In order to discover and live in harmony with my real Self, I need to undertake an impartial and in-depth self-inquiry to find out the major characteristics of what I usually call myself.  Whatever I become aware of changes in its quality and in its relationship with me. Awareness is the mechanism of transformation. Knowing and being are intimately connected in a spiral relationship. This is the reason that the main yoga that is taught in the Bhagavad Gita is the yoga of awareness (buddhi yoga).

Tickets £7/ £5 concessions

There will be books on sale.

Ravi Ravindra Ph.D. was born in India and partly educated there before moving to Canada. He is a Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax where he taught courses in Physics, Philosophy and Religion. He is a spiritual visionary, scholar and international speaker. He has studied Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Yoga, Zen and the mystical teachings of Indian and Christian traditions in depth.

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