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Tending the Hearth- Celtic Methods of House Clearing Thu 04 Jul - Sun 07 Jul

  • Spirituality

Many homes are affected by intrusive energies and environmental residues which impact our health. Using traditional practices of shamanic journeying, meditation and intuition, we will explore the core elements of house-clearing, dealing with ley lines, underground streams, blocked energy and even hauntings, to return blessing to the home. Participants should have confidence in meditation and inner guidance to join this course. 

Cáit Branigan has been professionally healing land and homes around Ireland for 20 years.  She is a healer who teaching internationally.  

Caitlín Matthews teaches internationally on shamanic healing and the Western Mysteries. She is the author of The Lost Book of the Grail, Untold Tarot and many other books. www.hallowquest.org.uk (21 words, but on 2 courses)

Student Joining Instructions for Tending the Hearth: this course is for students with strong sources of inner guidance, preferably those who can do shamanic journeying. Please contact Caitlín Matthews in advance if new to this work. Bring dowsing rods and a pendulum.

Fully inclusive residential single room £440; shared room £380 per person. Non-residential £320, includes suppers and lunches

£20 Discount for Fios members

Arrival 4-6pm on Thursday; course ends after lunch on Sunday.

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