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Voices of the Goddess - Caitlin and John Matthews Fri 01 Dec - Sun 03 Dec

  • Spirituality


Every country has its voices who speak for the spirit of the land. Britain and Ireland have their own tutelary goddess, appearing in many forms to inspire and guide: Cailleach, Queen of the Wood, Scotia, Britannia. Those poets most tuned to her voice address us prophetically from their communion with the land. Our exploration, including poetry of David Jones, Charles Williams and W.B.Yeats, transcends national and political divides, speaking from the deep land of our common heritage. We invite you to our magical 32nd Mystery School, where the way to the deep lands opens through myth, meditation, ritual and poetry.  

single £320; shared £280; non-res £240

Caitlín & John Matthews have taught a unique course every December at Hawkwood for 32 years. They are the authors of many books including The Lost Book of the Grail and The Call of Arthur. www.hallowquest.org.uk

Dwina Murphy Gibb is an Irish poet, playwright and artist, as well as the author of the Cormac novels. She is the founder of the Yeats Club.

Ian Rees is a psycho-spirit psychotherapist who teaches the Annwn Foundation in Somerset. He is an expert in the poetry of Charles Williams and David Jones.

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"Hawkwood has all the ingredients we look for when running events and meetings –their ethical approach, from the fantastic food they serve to the way they manage their land, works perfectly for us. It’s a relaxed environment which is conducive to creative thinking and open dialogue, and the staff are so helpful."

Helen Browning, CEO at Soil Association