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Beyond Conflict: Using Conflict and Diversity for Group Transformation Mon 05 Mar - Thu 08 Mar

  • Sustainability

A Worldwork training with Ana Rhodes

The ability to embrace diversity and facilitate conflict to build sustainable relationships is at the heart of resilient systems, teams, groups and communities in all sectors.  In the midst of uncertainty and flux, many of us aim for positive change, yet  can still find that we marginalise others; encounter  difficulties creating a culture of respect at work; misuse nature and the environment,  and even aspects of ourselves.

Why Conflict Work?

Avoiding conflict seems to be the main conflict procedure in the world.  Many of us are for better or worse "in conflict with conflict".  Neglected conflict goes underground, accumulates and undermines fluid collaboration and team effectiveness.

Unconscious dynamics of rank and power undermine the synergistic relationship and group interconnections we long for.  We will learn to understand and be participant facilitators of these dynamics, drawing on Worldwork,an awareness-based practice developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues.

Themes Addressed Include:

·    The field: a group’s atmosphere and underlying issues

·    Skills and Meta skills of Evolutionary Leadership: The Mystic, The Scientist, The Poet and The Mathematician.

·    Levels of perception and levels of interaction

·    Dynamics of power, rank and privilege

·    Diversity of culture as an opportunity – age, gender, race, ethnicity, class,  etc.

·    Conflict resolution beyond political correctness:  competition,  jealousy, love and dislike, etc.

·    The Alchemical Process- conflict resolution and conflict management

Participant’s Learning:

In this highly interactive seminar, a step-by-step conflict resolution procedure is introduced.  We learn to value conflict as an expression of a self-organising principle toward greater understanding; as an aspect of personal psychology, relationship and team dynamics; and as a potential to create community.  We will learn methods to embrace and utilise the power of diverse opinions and feelings on issues and, at the same time, look out for signals of de-escalation or common ground.

It's ideal as a training for trainers and others interested in group work, leadership, organisations, systems and more.

Ana Rhodes Castro has trained in a wide variety of personal and organisational development skills including Process Orientated Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Conflict Facilitation, Applied skills for sustainable social and culture change; leadership and confidence building; Outcome Mapping; supervision and executive coaching.

Ana was the Executive Director of the Findhorn Foundation.  She has founded a Centre dedicated to the transformation of human conflict that runs regular international training courses teaching Conflict Facilitation, Evolutionary Leadership as a new Paradigm of World Engagement.  She works as facilitator, trainer and supervisor with corporate organisations, civic society movements and NGOs.

One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups and organisations in a way that is supportive and enhances natural leadership.

Arrival and registration 1600-1800h on Monday 5 March. Course ends at 1500 on Thursday 8 March 2018

Course fees include Supper on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus all refreshments and materials.

Residential single £430; shared £370 (per person); non-residential £310 (includes suppers and lunches)

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