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Exploring the Ethics of Truth and Influence: Public talk Thu 23 May

  • Sustainability

In a post-truth world, what can we do to keep truth alive? What is truth? What are our responsibilities with regard to truth and to the people around us and to our community? How should we seek to appropriately influence others? For parents, teachers, leaders and community members. The evening will start with a talk and then move into an open discussion on themes that arise within the group.

Howard Boorman: Howard has worked as an organisational gardener, coach and facilitator for the past 25 years; planting ideas, digging up solutions and supporting the growth of people and their companies. Before that he worked in banking for 20 years as a trainer and senior manager. His current focus is on values-based leadership. He has qualifications in adult education, corporate management and Gestalt psychotherapy. 

Jeff Lane has over 26 years of experience working as a therapist and consultant to individuals and groups. His work is founded upon Gestalt Psychology which he has expanded and developed to create his own unique and creative way of working. He is passionate about the natural world and is a keen walker, gardener and explorer of the countryside. 

Howard and Jeff are both passionate about leading ethical lives and supporting others to live ethically and have been working together at Hawkwood for several years.

What will Participants Gain

Ø  How to better distinguish truth from beliefs and opinions

Ø  Ideas for ways to ethically influence the people around you, ways to sort facts from b***sh*t and how to respond to wrong-headed and dangerous beliefs.

£7 / £5 concessions

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