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Journey of Consciousness and the Dark Night of the Soul Public Talk - Tanis Helliwell Sun 28 May

  • Sustainability

What can we do when we feel in the grip of difficulty, despair or crisis, sometimes called the dark night of the soul?  This could be triggered by personal issues or ecological, political or social wrongs that we are witnessing.

Tanis Helliwell offers 3 suggestions

1)The first thing we can do is to realize that there is nothing wrong with us. We are not doing anything wrong so that we are in pain. This is the nature of evolution and a sign that our consciousness is waking up. We need to have compassion for others and for ourselves, while maintaining the highest motivation and intention.

2) The second thing we can do is to dedicate our energy to something that the Universe has presented us with, an opportunity to be of assistance in some way. This could be nurturing others through doing something for them, helping them or assisting them. It could be for example in my community where virginal forests are being cut down and I am presented with the task of writing reports for our municipal government, giving presentations, helping in concrete ways trying to change legislation all the while my reason for being in a remote and quiet place like Powell River was to be on retreat, play and enjoy nature. I would rather walk in the forests and write books but that is not what has found me. Instead I am invited to participate and be actively involved in changing forestry practices Think global – act local. Take action! Often we complain about the far away things we see on the news, all the negative input we receive. And we use all our energy complaining. Instead we should choose something in our vicinity that needs to be done and then just do it!

3) The third thing we can do is to keep sweetness in our life, joy in our life. We should keep the balance so there is time to have dinner with friends, walk in the park. Because if we don’t keep sweetness in our lives even though we might be doing much to help others and our world, we will eventually become frustrated and anxious and loose our positive nature. And then – our energy will go down even though we are doing so much good. Yes, being joyful and optimistic and trusting that all will turn out well in the end.

Tanis Helliwell, is founder of the International Institute for Transformation and teaches in Europe and North America. She has led tours to sacred sites of the world for 20 years and is the author of several books on nature spirits, soul purpose, love and destiny. She is the author of Summer with the Leprechauns and other books.

THERE WILL BE A BOOK SIGNING AFTER THE TALK. Please bring cash or cheque for purchasing books.

8pm £12 / £ 9 concessions

This talk is part of Tanis Helliwell's two day retreat: Healing with the Body Elemental Sun 27 - Tue 29 May

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