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Leading with Grace and Resilience - Karen Downes

Leading with Grace and Resilience - Karen Downes Sat 22 Apr

  • Sustainability

Moving from struggle to presence, from languishing to flourishing. 

A conversational workshop on a new paradigm of leadership from The Flourish Initiative.

All over the world women are waking up to their value and their potential to be the agents for the changes they wish to see in the world. A shift is occurring. The old notion of resilience, knuckling down and toughing it out, has exhausted us. We are ready for a new paradigm of leadership, where we tap into our grace, our inner wisdom and creativity and a new definition of resilience, to bring the guidance and leadership in shaping a future we imagine possible.

This day is an introduction to a larger body of work from The Flourish Initiative and springs from a deep knowing and understanding of peace building and working in global corporations. In the developing countries there is a hunger of the belly - for the basics of food and shelter - while in the developed world we see a hunger of the soul.

If you are longing to be seen, heard and known for who you truly are, to unleash your power and potential in your organisation and to live your life with authenticity and purpose, please join us!

Karen Downes has worked for 30 years at the intersection of business, science and traditional contemplative practices developing new paradigms of leadership that enable human flourishing, business prosperity and planetary care. She is the Founder of The Flourish Initiative a place which helps you to find solutions, which offers support when you are challenged, and which is caring and deep, fun and entertaining, healing and invigorating…

£ 80 including delicious lunch and refreshments

Arrival 9.00am; course begins at 9.30am and ends at 5.00pm

Karen also convenes a series of Salons March - July Pillars of Strength

and on Friday 7 July the FemmeQ Pop-Summit: Feminine Intelligence Applied to Real Life

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"Hawkwood has all the ingredients we look for when running events and meetings –their ethical approach, from the fantastic food they serve to the way they manage their land, works perfectly for us. It’s a relaxed environment which is conducive to creative thinking and open dialogue, and the staff are so helpful."

Helen Browning, CEO at Soil Association