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Living the New Story - Cultivating Regenerative Societies Thu 06 Dec - Thu 04 Apr

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Our partnership with Findhorn Foundation continues with the NEW series 2  of Living the New Story co-creative online learning journey.

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking invites you to join our local hub, where we view the livestream together. 

You are required to register with Findhorn Foundation Living the New Story here 

Gift EconomyFindhorn The journey comprises one top-quality 2-hour session per month over 8 months and is being offered by Findhorn in the spirit of the gift as a continuation of their experiment with new economic models. It also includes a 'gift-it-forward' option.

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking Hub, once you have registered with Findhorn, to join our hub please book using the booking form below.

Suggestion contribution is £10 per session or £8 concession, including tea. Our group of six people found it very rewarding to meet up each month and sometimes in-between. The content, the connections and the quality of the experience was excellent last time.  Here is the overview

·        8 live sessions: The format of each session will be flexible and emergent but will include: a brief framing of the session and speaker introduction by the hosts, Mattie Porte and Robin Alfred (15 minutes), speaker presentation and dialogue with hosts (40 minutes), participant break out groups (30 minutes), return to the large group for Q&A with the speaker and participant sharings (30 minutes), and closing remarks (5 minutes).

·        Video recording of each session: All the speaker sessions will be recorded and made available within 48 hours following the session. If you are not able to attend one of the live sessions, you will be able to view the recording at your convenience. You may also want to review the recording to integrate the content of a particular session more deeply.

·        Study Guides: To help integrate the content and experience of each session, a study guide will be provided including highlights of the essence of each session, questions for contemplation between sessions, and additional resources, featuring lists of videos, films, books, projects, events, and blogs relevant to each session.

·        Participant Facebook Group: This will be your virtual home over the eight months. The Private Facebook Group will enable you to engage in shared enquiry between sessions to deepen the journey, build alliances, and share your questions, projects and visions with a community of peers. You may also choose to stay engaged after the programme as a way to integrate and continue to build community and support one another.

·        Free access to our documentary film: An Enquiry into A New Story for Humanity: Change the Story, Change the World. The feature-length film is a great introduction to new story themes and may be useful to watch before the online learning journey begins.

·        Journal or notebook We recommend you keep all your notes in one place so that you can reflect between sessions and at the conclusion of the course.


·        Thur 20 Sept – Robin Alfred and Mattie Porte: Introduction & Journey Objectives

·        Thur 11 Oct -  Barbara Marx Hubbard: Emergence of a New Human Species

·        Thur 8 Nov  -  Ousmane Pame: Human Consciousness and Societal Development

·        Thur 6 Dec  - Joanna Macy: Choosing the Story we want for our World

·        Thur 10 Jan  - Daniel Wahl: Designing Regenerative Cultures

·        Thur 7 Feb – Vera Kleinhammes: A Revolution of Love – Building Communities of Trust

·        Thur 7 Mar  - Rob Hopkins: Radical Transition Stories from Around the World

·        Thur 4 April –Robin Alfred and Mattie Porte: integration and completion


Breakout time is held in our physical space, not online. If you prefer to experience break out as an individual with other individuals across the globe you will need to have your own single user device ready at the beginning of the session in a private space (possibly at Hawkwood, depending on capacity, or at home), having tested your connection, sound, camera, etc. (too technical? –just ask hub host Katie Lloyd-Nunn katie@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk )

Help spread the word

Please share the programme page widely throughout your personal and professional networks using the links below so that we are able to attract a rich diversity of participation from around the globe. 

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