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Power, Authority and Ambition - Lessons from Macbeth

Power, Authority and Ambition - Lessons from Macbeth Mon 12 Jun - Wed 14 Jun

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Power, Authority and Ambition 

lessons in personal leadership - inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth

with Richard Oliver and Ana Rhodes

"It is all too easy as we look at the world around us to think that power is dangerous - but the real challenge is to hold power appropriately - in service of a bigger picture than our personal ambition or small circle of friends… " - Riochard Olivier

"We need to use our power for the benefit of humankind and learn to stay present in a world of inner and outer divisions."- Ana Rhodes

If we want to bring healing into our personal relationships and the world, it is essential to understand in depth the dynamics of Power.

Using Shakespeare’s great case study of power, authority and ambition as a guide we will go on a Mythodramatic and group process-led journey to explore participants' inner and outer relationships to these great themes in life and at work.

Part of our exploration will be the feelings that apparently contradict our notion of power: feelings such as vulnerability, powerlessness, anger, revenge and even self harm – such as we witness in different characters in ‘Macbeth.’

At this crucial point in world history we ask - how can each of us find our own way to engage with the world from a place of integrity and inner resilience – even in the face of great external difficulty and challenge?

This experiential seminar will benefit everyone interested in the Dynamics of Power in everyday and professional relationships - as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, facilitators, coaches, social workers, teachers and trainers,

Richard Olivier is the creator of Mythodrama, an Associate Fellow of Said Business School, University of Oxford, a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation and author of “Inspirational Leadership: Henry V and the Muse of Fire”. He was named ‘Thought Leader of the year’ by the Best Practice Institute in 2013.

Ana Rhodes is former Director of the Findhorn Foundation, supervisor and consultant to organisations and communities. She trained as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and in Process Oriented Psychology. Her passion is maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups and organisations in a way that enhances natural leadership.

COURSE FEES include tuition, materials, accommodation and delicious home-cooked meals and refreshments. Non-residential fee includes all of the above, except bed and breakfast.

Individual rate - for individuals and employees of charities, CICs, NGOs etc

residential single £450; shared £400; non-residential £365

Corporate & Professional rate residential single £700; non-residential £515

Arrival: MOnday 12 June Coffee/tea at10.30am for 11.00am start.  Course ends after lunch on Wednesday 14 June

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