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Rising Women Rising World - December 2018 Monthly Gathering

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Rising Women Rising World - December 2018 Monthly Gathering Mon 10 Dec

  • Sustainability

"To discover your mission and put it into action – instead of worrying on the sidelines – is to find peace of mind and a heart full of love.“ - Scilla Elworthy, Founder of Peace Direct, co-founder of Rising Women Rising World. Her books include Pioneering the Possible: Awakened leadership for a world that works (2014) and The Business Plan for Peace – Building a world without war (2017). Her TED talk on non-violence has been viewed by over 900,000 people. https://www.scillaelworthy.com/

The Rising Women Rising World programme at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is an ongoing conversation / inner action group. 

You don't have to be a leader or an activist, you don't even have to be a woman! Our THEME this summer is CLIMATE CHANGE.

Just bring your open mind and heart. The intention is to raise our consciousness, bringing the Feminine into balance with the Masculine. Men are very welcome.

Each evening is an open conversation, like a "Salon", with a different topic each time. It is held on the second Monday of the month. Arrival with tea 18.45.  Start promptly 19.00-21.00.

Group size is 6 – 12.

Katie Lloyd-Nunn is the programme and communications manager at Hawkwood. She has experience facilitating groups and holding a space having lived at Findhorn 1990-2000, as well as leading singing and teaching yoga. She is inspired by conversation as a way to listen respectfully to others, to find out what we know and believe through speaking, and to express this in a natural and authentic way.

Reflections from regular attendees

On the new Climate change theme, Helen writes:

Thank you very much for a very stimulating evening last Monday.  Although it should have been very depressing facing up to the true horror of irreversible climate change, I found the evening made me strangely upbeat.  I think it was because or two things.  The first was connection with interesting people and so not feeling alone with my worries.  The second was that in facing the fear of climate change, some of the fear went even though the inevitability is still there.  Fear is disempowering and can make one feel hopeless.  However facing the fear gives one choices and I think that is very positive.  Having considered myself to be an environmentalist for as long as I can remember, it was good to take a different approach to it.  

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"Hawkwood has all the ingredients we look for when running events and meetings –their ethical approach, from the fantastic food they serve to the way they manage their land, works perfectly for us. It’s a relaxed environment which is conducive to creative thinking and open dialogue, and the staff are so helpful."

Helen Browning, CEO at Soil Association