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Theory U Online Training Course: Leading from the Emerging Future Thu 13 Dec

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Join our new Theory U community learning lab! Hosted by Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking. 

Click here for the introductory self-led course with the basics of Theory U: Leading change in times of disruption

The course from Theory U HQ in Boston USA is FREE! When you are ready to enrol click here: Enrol in ULab Leading from the Emerging Future

You need to enrol (above)  to have access to the homework and materials, or to watch sessions at home.

To reserve your place at the Hawkwood sessions, scroll down to Book This Course

We would love to welcome you to our Theory U community!

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Theory U arrived at Hawkwood in 2016 and has found a home here for community-based ULab online learning courses, coaching circles and an annual Network Day, which draws people from the region and further afield. We are a friendly group of 8-12 people including coaches, entrepreneurs, retirees, future thinkers and more are welcome.

What is Theory U?

Theory U is defined by Wikipedia as “a change management method and the title of a book by Otto Scharmer.” The principles of Theory U are increasingly used to help political leaders, civil servants, and business managers break through unproductive patterns of behaviour that blind them to their clients' or stakeholders’ perspectives and create ineffectual or negative decision making.

The methods used increase empathy, collaboration, self-awareness, a positive outlook and make good business sense, too

What people say...

Working with Theory U, participants have often said they feel enriched, energised and grateful. It also offers new modalities, resources, connections and optimism.

Hawkwood sessions include arrival, check-in and group time, livestream 3.00-4.00pm; group time and conclusions 4.00pm-5.00pm

*Co-initiating -  Thursday 20 September 14.00-17.00

*Presencing - Thursday 18 October 14.00-17.00

*Prototyping - Thursday 15 November 14.00-17.00

*Movement Building - Thursday 13 December 14.00-17.00


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Click on the image to view/download our Winter-Spring 2018-2019 course programme

Winter-Spring 2018-2019, Download