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Awakening the Self Sat 18 May

  • Well-being

A day to connect with the deepest part of your Self. Journeying through the separate Self with eyes of compassion opens the way to Love; the One movement of Life.

This work provides a link between the Western practise of ‘Self-love’ and the Eastern philosophy of ‘freedom from the Self’; a journey which leads through compassion to the peace and love which is the essence of all Life.

During the morning we will explore the roots of that separate Self, and our relationship to it.

In the afternoon we will journey further into the Witness state of Love beyond the separate Self. 

The day will include guided meditation, some group sharing and Tibetan singing bowls.

Course fee £75 includes delicious two-course lunch and refreshments.

Registration from 9.00am-9:30am. Course ends at 6.00pm - please note unusual time.

During a busy career as an actress, Caroline Bliss was introduced to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti which turned her world around. Exploring further the philosophy of Enlightenment, through the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj, Gurdjieff and Eckhart Tolle, she realised she needed to understand her personal ‘Self’ before she could be free of the ego. This took her through various forms of therapy; unpacking deep, hidden emotions, and introducing her to the notion of the ‘inner child’. Constantly returning to the simple directness of  Krishnamurti’s teachings, however, eventually brought a powerful transformation of her consciousness. Since then, she has been leading others to inner freedom, working individually and leading workshops and retreats. She has also brought up a family.

Caroline’s philosophy is a practical one. Having walked through her own limiting story to personal freedom, she is able to listen with great clarity to others and help them move beyond their limiting beliefs and emotional patterns to a sense of their own perfection.


‘Caroline’s gift that she shares from the heart is one of beauty and peace, and if everyone had the opportunity to experience this then the world would be a much better place.’

Louisa Rogers

‘I have taken part in a number of spiritual development courses and retreats over the years in addition to leading various workshops myself. The retreat led by Caroline has proved to be one of the most challenging, rewarding and transformational retreats that I have ever experienced.

Caroline has the amazing ability to intuit what is happening within each individual and to offer a wise and compassionate response which goes to the heart of the matter for the person concerned. Her warmth and humour, together with her practical and down-to-earth style, is an added bonus!’

Ian Bonner-Evans

‘Caroline has a true gift which she wholeheartedly shares and communicates with others. Through her own life journey she is able to guide you through yours. If you are open to it she will help you realise your true potential.’

Rachel Adima-Grey

Participants need to wear comfortable, loose clothes.

Bring cushion and blanket.

No previous experience necessary.

Listen to a podcast on Awakening the Self here.

Price £75

Price includes delicious two-course lunch and refreshments.

Registration from 9.00am-9:30am.

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