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Biodanza: The Dance of Life - Brendagh O'Sullivan

Biodanza: The Dance of Life - Brendagh O'Sullivan Fri 04 Aug

  • Well-being

Release stress and rediscover your vital spark

There are no steps to learn, the music is infectious and we dance our own authentic invigorating and restorative dance.  It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities as each session is taken at your own pace. Biodanza is terrific fun as we reconnect with the joy of the moment, freedom of expression and feeling fully alive.

With regular classes we can see a positive development of our self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of joy, well-being and happiness.  Yet in this single day experience you will leave with a lighter heart, more joy, vibrancy and a greater connection to Life.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing in layers. We normally dance barefoot. Please bring light non slip shoes if this isn’t possible. Jazz shoes are ideal.

As an Acupuncturist for over 25 years, Brendagh O'Sullivan has a strong background in helping people realise their full potential.  She is an IBF registered teacher, has worked with teachers of international renown and now teaches within organisations.

£75 including a delicious lunch and refreshments

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Helen Browning, CEO at Soil Association