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Fragmentation and Cohesion: Art and the Bodymind Sat 25 May - Sun 26 May

  • Well-being

Many of us are experiencing stress or a sense of fragmentation as attempts are made to fulfil the many roles and expectations of daily living. Drawing inspiration from some Cubist ideas, Picasso and Braque in particular, along with somatic awareness and tai chi, we will explore through conversation, drawing and movement the dynamic experience of fragmentation and cohesion. Through simple movements we will engage our body’s kinesthetic and inherent wisdom and through art we will make our mark literally and metaphorically in a weekend of creative exploration and practice. 

What will participants gain:

·        Ways to acknowledge and articulate inner experiences and patterns

·        Practices to support a sense of cohesion and meaning in daily living

·        A creative sense of spaciousness and flow in the potentially demanding context of their lives.

·        Nurturing a calm balanced centred 

·        An opportunity to explore connecting ‘parts’ and ‘wholes’

2 Day Course Non-Residential £170 include lunches, and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Please note that prices are listed per person.

Course runs 9.30am - 5.00pm each day.

Helen Garrett is an exhibiting Artist and workshop facilitator experienced in working with diverse groups of people. She uses Art as a medium to explore transformation on all its levels.

Paul King is a teacher of Somatic Awareness and Tai Chi. He works as a coach and facilitator with individuals and organisations.

Paul King is a teacher of Somatic Awareness and Tai Chi. He works as a coach and facilitator with individuals and organisations. 

 Click here to read an interview with Paul

“I thought the workshop was really excellent, combining as it did, movement, teaching, discussion and drawing. In times of struggle it was good to experience “being in the flow!” I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is committed to flow with life rather than struggle with it!!” - Lawrence Bloom, Be Earth Foundation

Your excellent (but too short) workshop left me begging for more!!! I will certainly sign up for a longer session. -DS


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