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Nutrition and Movement for Health and Wellbeing Sun 21 Jan

  • Well-being

Join our group of women to learn the secrets of healthy ageing and be supported to make dietary and lifestyle changes. The workshop will introduce:

  • Foods to reduce/cut and others to add /increase
  • How to make those changes, offering inspiration for new ways of cooking
  • How food, herbs, supplements and accurate diagnostic testing can help you manage age related challenges such as: menopause (including bone health), cognitive decline, weight gain, skin health, energy levels, immunity
  • Simple relaxation tools (yoga, breathing and meditation exercises)
  • Dynamic metabolic movements specifically designed to support women in healthy ageing (15-minute exercise).


Caroline Pringle is a CNM trained Nutritional Therapist and yoga teacher.  She is passionate about working with people using food, herbs and lifestyle changes to help them bring their bodies back to health.

Contact: For more details or a free 15-minute consult call Caroline on 07766006034 or email: caroline@bristolhealthandnutritioncom: www.bristolhealthandnutrition.com

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"Hawkwood has all the ingredients we look for when running events and meetings –their ethical approach, from the fantastic food they serve to the way they manage their land, works perfectly for us. It’s a relaxed environment which is conducive to creative thinking and open dialogue, and the staff are so helpful."

Helen Browning, CEO at Soil Association