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Qi Gong Meditation Retreat - Andy Henry Thu 09 Aug - Mon 13 Aug

  • Well-being

The focus of these five days is the study of Taijiwuxigong (a Qi Gong system) for self-healing, allowing us to come more into our real nature or our true state of being. This is characterised by an increased sense of physical health, emotional ease and mental clarity. The retreat includes movement, meditation and time outdoors in beautiful surroundings and like-minded company. You will go home with exercises for your own practice including standing, sitting, and lying down to connect your own innate life-force or qi with the natural healing forces of the Earth.

Arrival and registration Thursday 9 August 3.30pm - 4.30pm. Course begins with first session at 5.00pm. Course ends with lunch together 1.00pm on Monday 13 August.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a blanket. .

Fully inclusive residential single room £560; shared £495 per person; Non-residential option £370 - includes suppers, lunches and all refreshments- Excludes B&B single.

Andy Henry is a well-established teacher and healer in the Qi Gong field with over 20 years working experience. One of the main influences of his work has been the late Dr. Shen Hongxun, founder of Taijiwuxigong and Buqi healing. Andy maintains a busy teaching and treatment schedule in England, Portugal and Spain.

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