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Self-Remembrance through Sound - The Naked Voice Wisdom School in-depth Winter Retreat Sun 03 Feb - Thu 07 Feb

  • Well-being

Your authentic voice – spoken and sung – is your most intimate soul friend. It is a unique bridge between you and the rest of the world. It is the mouthpiece of your soul’s deepest longing. Once found, your true voice becomes a shining torch that unearths shadow melting the frozen music in your body. Your natural sound and the singing melodies of your soul, bypass the rational mind, and ignite a quality of surrender that releases self-limiting, possessive, narcissistic habits of living and relating. As self-confidence builds, self-remembrance follows as you embody, experience and express love in a way that will revolutionise your life and the lives of those around you.

The Naked Voice Wisdom School integrates a wealth of wisdom, and conscious core practices sourced from energy movement, sound medicine and vocal practices that empower and activate a radical experience of unconditional loving presence.  This unique four day residential retreat is designed for newcomers and committed practitioners alike. Everyone is welcome.

Preparation: You will benefit most from the retreat by exploring Chloe’s life’s work book, “The Naked Voice, Transform Your life through the Power of Sound” and her Sounds True audio-book, “Awakening through Sound”.

Fully inclusive residential single room £670    early bird £640- deposit paid by 5pm 15 Nov 2018

Fully inclusive residential share room per person £590    early bird £560 - deposit paid by 5pm 15 Nov 2018

Non-residential (including all refreshments and meals except breakfast) £510    early bird £480 - deposit paid by 5pm 15 Nov 2018

Chloe Goodchild is an international singer, innovatory educator, peacemaker and author. She is at the forefront of voice work as an untapped resource for personal and global evolution and transformation. She is joined by Nicholas Twilley, world percussionist, poet, visual artist and master of listening and rhythmic improvisation.



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