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Hawkwood often stages various special events throughout the year, from concerts to lectures, open days, and retreats.

See below for the list of current events.

Meditation - Every Sunday 9am to 10am and Wednesday 8.20am to 8.50am
17 Aug 2014

buddha.jpgEvery Sunday at Hawkwood 9am  - 10am a group meets to spend an hour in meditation.  This is an open and friendly group.  Perhaps you would like to come along one Sunday for a peaceful hour. 

There is a mid-week session on Wednesday at 8.20 - 8.50am. This is a space in the working week for us to gather and be together in silence and stillness.

See below for some writings about Meditation...

The Meditation Space is available at other times by arrangement with the front office. Tel: 01453 759034.  info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk

Solstice Spiral
21 Dec 2014

A simple ritual beginning at dusk, to celebrate winter solstice and focus on the meaning and beauty in your life.

Take an unlit candle into a spiral formed of winter greenery, reflecting on the past year. Light the candle at the centre and walk slowly out as a preparation for the new. Place your candle on a table with others and stay as long as you wish in the quiet atmosphere.

You can come anytime you like.

Children’s spiral 3.30pm – 5.30pm (with gentle live music in the background). Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Adult spiral 5.30 – 9pm.

The Winter Café will be open.

£5 adults: £2 children  funds raised will go towards our Woodland Sanctuary.

Volunteers are welcome to help setting up, welcoming guests and clearing away.



Esoteric Philosophy Public Talk
22 May 2015

Friday 22 May 8.00pm

Walking the spiritual path requires that we recognize the changing nature of vision in our lives. We are not here referring to the sightedness conveyed by our two eyes, but the vision of the soul as revealed through the third eye. Sometimes called the Eye of Vision, this organ of perception slowly opens over the course of many incarnations. By so doing, it gradually gives us the capacity to sense the deeper truths expressed through our individual lives, as well as outer events. In this talk, William Meader will present a deep understanding of the Eye of Vision and how to recognize its influence within one’s day-to-day perceptions. He will also discuss methods to further facilitate its opening.

£7.00 / £5.00 concessions

Books and CDs on sale

Crystals for Healing Ourselves and the Earth
18 Sep 2015

At this time of shifting energies and ecological uncertainty there is one thing that can be relied upon to assist. Crystals help to stabilise both you and the planet. In this talk Judy will introduce not only crystals that can be helpful for protecting and maintaining your own energies but also those of Earth. Crystals will be available for energy sensing. There will also be an Earth healing meditation with crystals.

£7 entry

Presenter:  Judy Hall has been engaged in personal and Earth healing for over 45 years. She has an enduring interest in sacred sites and their links to specific crystals. In addition to the Crystal Bibles, she is also the author of Earth Blessings and Crystals and Sacred Sites amongst numerous other books.www.judyhall.co.uk

Books and crystals will be on sale.

African Music Concert
19 Sep 2015

Starts at 8pm

Mim Suleiman is a singer songwriter who revels in her East African musical heritage, driven by powerful soulful vocals, sung mostly in Swahili and delivered with a big heart and exuberant dance.  She facilitates memorable and engaging workshops and Swahili rooted cultural shows and regularly performs at Womad. She is currently researching the cultural gems of East Africa as part of a major project. 

Marko Pogacnik Public Talk
07 Oct 2015


How to build a culture of peace and freedom for all participating worlds

Two lectures, open to the public 8.00-10.00pm

Entry £8.00 or £6.00 concessions 

Books on sale


Wednesday 7 October 2015

A new way of seeing reality as composed of different dimensions demands a new approach. What are the tools of perception to be used? How does the perception process go? What is the role of imagination on one hand and the logical mind on the other hand?


Thursday 8 October 2015

The Bosnian pyramids and other semi-invisible landscape features give testimony of the existence of a primeval civilization of the Earth, that Celts called “Sidhe”. The author presents his explorations of the elemental worlds and their meaning for the present moment.

Marko Pogačnik lives in Šempas, Slovenia. Starting with Land Art in the 60’s his art work is combined with holistic ecology called “geomancy”. He has developed lithopuncture, a method of Earth healing and the language of cosmograms. Books: Turned Upside Down, Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings, Sacred Geography, Gaia’s Quantum Leap. In 2014, Marko was awarded UNESCO Artist for Peace by the Secretary General in Paris becuase of his global work for the health of the Earth.



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