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Artist Residencies

Supported by the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust

In 2016, Hawkwood launched the Artist Residency Programme, welcoming individuals and groups of artists to stay and work here for short periods throughout the year.

Artists on the programme are supplied with full board and lodging for a few days as well as a working space, which is usually one of our arts studios.  Hawkwood also offers administrative support to the artists and curates the residency. 

By offering professional artists time and space away from their usual environment and obligations we provide a welcome opportunity for reflection, research and collaboration.  The residencies also allow for the possibility of sharing and discussing work in progress with fellow artists or other interested parties.

We are fortunate to receive generous support for this programme from the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust, which provides substantial funding towards the cost of board and lodging for the artists.

We are also delighted to be working in partnership with local, regional and national organisations, creating a cultural hub in the heart of the Cotswolds supporting creative professionals of all ages. Regular partners include Strike a Light Gloucester, The Roundhouse and The Royal Court Theatre.

Hawkwood believes that the Artist Residency Programme is beginning to have an important national impact in the arts, building an impressive catalogue and archive of current work.


Hawkwood welcomes around 100 artists a year to the Artist Residency Programme, and their work ranges across many varied artistic disciplines.  Residencies generally last five days, usually taking place from Mondays to Fridays.

Artists are provided with full bed and board and a working space.  If appropriate, we offer the opportunity to showcase work as part of our events programme, and we can host informal exhibitions.

We welcome applications from practitioners of all genres including music, the visual arts, performance arts, poetry and literature, as well as cross-genre disciplines and creative work in modern digital media for artistic effect.  With regards to theatre we accept applications from theatre practitioners who wish to rehearse a new work or an existing play, provided that the approach is intended to produce in some significant way a new piece of theatre.

To be eligible for this programme you need to be both:

1] A professional artist, which means that you are regularly engaged in your artistic pursuits and perhaps trained for them. You should be known for that work, and earn income from it.


2] Your financial situation is such that you cannot afford to take up this residency at the full cost of £100 per 24 hours and require financial assistance towards that cost.

We reserve the right to request further information from you about these criteria.

To apply please download this pdf form and send it, along with your CV to Alicia Carey, Principal, Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud. GL6 7QW. Applications are open on a rolling basis throughout the year.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible for a group of artists who wish to work together to apply for a group residency.  The group may contain non-artists, such as administrators or mentors, but these will not be eligible for grant support.  We therefore need to know both the number of artists in the group and the number of persons in the group.



“The week long residency at Hawkwood has enabled me to devise and write the first fifteen minutes of a one woman show which I hope to secure funding for to further develop. As an artist I rely entirely on seed funding such as this to be able to financially kick start a project and I am hugely grateful to Hawkwood and The Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust. 

The rehearsal room is light all day and warm, so is the perfect environment for making new work. The food is the highest quality and made with passion, it fuelled myself and my team physically and mentally, having the right stuff in our bodies definitely helped the work progress”  Elise Heaven, theatre practitioner”.

“It's Nabhaan here from the Boys Project. Just wanted to say for myself and a lot of the boys who spent the last week at Hawkwood, that the week was absolutely fantastic. Not only was it a welcome break from our daily lives but a lot of our best work, personally and as a group came out of it. The staff, chefs and overall experience certainly played a big role.”  Nabhaan, from The Royal Court Theatre’s : The Boys Project Click here to see their film