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Alongside our artist residencies which we have been running for several years, in 2019 we will be offering residencies to support ‘change-makers’ too. These funded residencies are open to individuals or organisations who are working to transform the world into a more beautiful and sustainable place.

By supporting change-makers, Hawkwood aims to inspire and facilitate activism, social and ecological justice, system reorganisation, and new ways of thinking and being - in order to catalyse positive change for the future.



  The solutions to the societal, cultural and environmental challenges we face are bound to come from outrageous thinkers.

 Based in beautiful surroundings near Stroud, in south-west England, Hawkwood’s change-maker residency program supports:

Our residencies offer a period of creative incubation, where change-makers can focus entirely on the creative process away from the demands of everyday life within a held and relaxing environment. The applicant can use the residency for his or her own purposes according to their creative discipline and project.

The residency invites activists, artists, practitioners, and others whose work is grounded in:

  • Social Change / Social Progress
  • Social Justice & Equity
  • Spirituality (Broadly Defined)
  • Ecology

In 2018 we launched a succesful crowdfunding campaign #LostPicasso to help fund our residencies, we raised £7027 in 32 days, plus another £5000 through the Arts Council match funding. A big thank you to our 148 supporters, we are very grateful for all your donations. The team at Hawkwood continue to make ongoing applications for further funding.

Residency Details

Change-makers are provided with full board accomodation and a working space.  If appropriate, we offer the opportunity to showcase work as part of our events programme, and we can host informal exhibitions.

To apply please download this pdf form and send it, along with your CV to Alicia Carey at alicia.carey@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk, CEO & Principal at Hawkwood. Applications are open on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

 Inaugurating our change-maker residency programme

Social innovator Matthew McStravick brings Deepr, a collective of designers, practitioners and thought leaders to work on the social and business case for increasing meaningful, empathic interactions between people in the systems and services we all engage with every day. Based on his primer Deeper Everyday Connection, published April 2018, this will take the form of a “design sprint” over three days. Outcomes will be a toolkit for organisations to incorporate empathic interaction into their processes, alongside proposals to work with Hawkwood and three local organisations to test and refine the protocol in 2019.

Sponsored by the F W Reckitt Arts Trust, part of the Hawkwood Artist Residencies programme.