The Art in Listening

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Sat 26Oct

Authentic Sound, Contemporary Soul

Facilitator: Nicholas & Ra Twilley

The Art in Listening is about aligning your aspirations with your everyday life.

We use sound and movement forms to reveal the inner landscape of spoken, sung and instrumental sound. This extends to all aspects of our being, from how we interact with others and our environment, to how we lead our everyday and professional lives.

We invite individual and group participation in a collaborative atmosphere.

Event time: Sat 26th Oct at 9:30am - Sat 26th Oct at 5:00pm

At a glance

  • Creative sound and movement awareness
  • Deep listening and improvisation with voice and percussion
  • Self-development and creative expression

Participants will gain

  • A range of practices and approaches to inform your personal enquiry
  • Greater confidence in how to bridge different aspects of your life.
  • A sense of your own vocation and buoyancy

The Art in Listening is a practical approach to self-development using artistic practices. It provides a context for hearing the inspirations which are most important for maintaining a meaningful life. This course will involve individual and group participation in a number of sounds and movement-based forms, such as the spoken and sung voice, instrumental sound, improvised movement, and tai chi.

There will be guidance on a variety of approaches to these artistic forms, drawing on inspiration from philosophical and psychological traditions. These practices offer a horizon for accessing the inner landscape from which inspiration is retrieved. Becoming attentive to this, one’s enquiry can become self-led.

There will be an opportunity for performance/sharing, either individually or as part of a group. This can include any combination of sound, spoken and or movement expression, either in response to the day or using material, one has brought. Participation in any session is a personal choice.

Price Options

£80 Day Ticket


13 available
Day Ticket£80.00

Practical Information

You may want to bring a notepad for your own records and instrument(s) for Saturday sharing.

No previous experience is necessary. New participants will be directed to discuss their intention for joining the course with Nicholas before they book. They must let him know of any conditions or personal history which may affect their involvement in the course.

Price includes materials, delicious two-course lunch and refreshments.

Registration from 9.00am-9:30am.

Nicholas Twilley

Nicholas Twilley has been directing programmes of self-enquiry since the 1980’s. His work is inspired by Dzogchen master Namkhai Norbu and the teachings of the Medicine Wheel by Professor Alan Bleakley. The aesthetic enquiries of fine art, music, philosophy, psychology and movement have remained central to Nicholas’s work.

Recognising the capacity for different art forms to inform personal transformation, Nicholas has collaborated with Archie Fire Lame Deer, Dr Joan Halifax, Gabrielle Roth, Wallace Black Elk, Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, Joan Davis and Andrew Harvey. Nicholas co-founded Eagles Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism and supported Chloe Goodchild in the formation of the Naked Voice Programme.

As a consultant, Nicholas provides 1-1 tutorship on areas such as music/sound projects, professional development and personal enquiry.

In 2015 Nicholas founded the Art in Listening. This practical approach to self-development incorporates his extensive exploration of indigenous and contemporary traditions of Art, Philosophy and Psychology.

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Ra Twilley

Ra Twilley is a classically trained singer and instrumentalist with an MA in Music Education and Performance. He is also a tai chi practitioner and a supporting tutor for the Art in Listening.


“Feel a sense of privilege and awe at the depth of engagement with others and joy in creating alongside them.”

“I left with such a stillness and deep connection to the earth that I haven’t felt so consistently for a while. [The tutors] gave so graciously and worked so well together with us. It was fun, inclusive, deep and enriching.”

“Suffice it to say I’ve asked the Twilleys to foster me so would love to get involved in more.”