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Fri 22Nov
Sun 24Nov

Creating a good end-of-life plan

Facilitator: Jane Diamond

Our culture is largely death-phobic, yet it is something we all must face at some point, whether our own death or that of family and friends. It makes sense to think about and practically prepare for both how we might wish to die as well as leaving our affairs in order. This can reduce emotional and administrative stress for family members at an already difficult time. The workshop looks at the elements involved in making a good end-of-life plan. We will work through the practical aspects as well as allowing time for the emotional side of this important work.

Event time: Fri 22nd Nov at 4:00pm - Sun 24th Nov at 4:00pm

At a glance

  • Wills (why we need to have them), Lasting Powers of Attorney, Advance Decisions, Do Not Resuscitate orders, Funeral preferences
  • How we might begin these ‘difficult’ conversations with family and friends
  • What the dying process looks like
  • What is our legacy?

What will participants gain

  • Recognition of why it is important to plan for the future
  • Practical steps needed to prepare well for death and dying
  • Workbook containing all the information needed

Getting started is often the hardest part of any project. By the time you finish the workshop, you will be well on the way to creating your end-of-life plan, something many of us put off for years. People sometimes ask me if you have to be old or terminally ill to be planning for end-of-life and my answer is absolutely not. This work is for everyone who is going to die or experience the death of family and friends, which is, of course, each and every one of us. While you will be focusing on your own preferences (or possibly others’ preferences if you are caring for anyone), what the workshop also offers is the opportunity to get this important work done in the company of like-minded people, and this is something which many find beneficial. Sharing experiences – both practical and emotional – can really help us focus our minds on what we would want and just as importantly, not want.  By doing the work now, we can then relax in the knowledge that we have minimised that stress for our grieving loved ones.

Price Options

£215 Non-Residential
£255 Residential Shared
£295 Residential Single


12 available

Practical Information

Please note that prices are listed per person. Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Jane Diamond

Jane Diamond is a graduate of the Before I Go Academy, the training arm of BIG Solutions, a social enterprise whose mission is to have end-of-life plans be as commonplace as birth plans. Jane believes we need to change how we talk about death and dying so it is better understood as a normal part of life. She has been running a local death café since March 2016 and is a member of End-of-life Doula UK which offers doula support for those at end-of-life. Jane also works with a local funeral director and in March 2019 starts funeral director training. She has also a background in body psychotherapy and is also a member of Gloucestershire Bereavement Forum.

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“Jane is a skilful facilitator and generous with her immense knowledge about death, dying and end-of-life planning. She held the group with great care which made it safe to share, to learn from each other and we laughed a lot too. I’ve found this work life- affirming and I feel lighter and freer knowing that I’m choosing now, so that when the time comes, those that I love most won’t have to; I think that’s a priceless gift to everyone. “
-Nicola B

“This weekend was really helpful, expertly facilitated by Jane, who got us to really think through the steps we need to take to prepare for a time when we might not be able to make decisions. The focus was practical although there was space for our personal experience. I would recommend it highly if you too have been putting these things off! “
- Alice C

“I have no hesitation in recommending this workshop to anyone ready - or almost ready - to think about the inevitable. Carefully held and gently informed, we travelled together through the practicalities and the vulnerabilities of talking about death. The process is in no way morbid and the end result is an increased awareness and joy in life. “
- Jo T

“Mindblowing! Jane delivers a course which is so much more than filling in a practical workbook on end-of-life planning. Thoughtfully presented and with time to share different perspectives. I feel ready to continue this hugely important work.“
-Katherine K