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Fri 18Oct
Sun 20Oct

Tai chi & conscious movement

Facilitator: Paul King

With the many inner and outer pressures of life, how do we move into living from our centre?  We will explore this and our own ‘natural’ patterns in life through Tai Chi, the five elements of traditional Chinese wisdom, conscious embodiment, neuroscience and positive psychology. We will explore with a tai chi sequence known as the five elements or the five moving forces. It is an easy to learn, but foundational, form. We will also play with other mind-body practices.

Event time: Fri 18th Oct at 4:00pm - Sun 20th Oct at 4:00pm

At a glance

  • Tai chi is concerned with how we live every day. “Tai chi is not about the form, it is about how we reach for the rice packet from the top shelf in the supermarket.” Al Chungliang Huang, Master Tai Chi teacher
  • Tai chi can tell us much about how to work with our energy
  • Taoist wisdom is embodied in tai chi

Participants will gain

  • A short form tai chi practice they can learn and practice at home. This will be supported by a video reminder
  • A greater understanding of how they use their body and the impact on their energy and thinking.
  • Practices to find their calm balanced centered especially when feeling stressed and under pressure

This workshop is an exploration into how to move and live from our center. We will explore this, and our own learned life patterns through tai chi, conscious embodiment, neuroscience, and positive psychology. The body can be a great teacher beyond the concerns of our busy mind and lasting change needs the body to be engaged. Tai chi is an embodiment of essential ancient Taoist wisdom and provides a wonderful means for exploring our lives. Tai chi is also simply fun and relaxing to experience – mindfulness in movement. Centred physicality supports us in stepping into the world to be at our best, stay calm under the pressures of everyday life and meet our challenges. During the workshop, you will learn a short foundational form known as the five elements, as well as other body-mind practices, which you can then apply in your daily life. Paul will give individual attention to each participant as well as cultivating a supportive group atmosphere through shared movement practice.


Price Options

£240 Non-Residential
£280 Residential Shared
£320 Residential Single


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

Practical Information

No experience is needed. Please wear comfortable clothes for movement.

Please note that prices are listed per person. Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches, and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Paul King

Paul King is an experienced coach, consultant and trainer working. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership Ltd, a leading-edge people development company that works directly with individuals and organisations and offers a variety of public programmes and events. His work is motivated by the knowledge that “there is another way”. He has sent much of his adult life exploring how we humans can be better versions of ourselves, in relation to others and the natural world. He has a particular passion for and expertise in integral and somatic approaches to this question. He has taught various somatic body-mind workshops across Europe and Asia. Paul was the first person in Europe to be certified as a Leadership Embodiment trainer and is a certified NLP Trainer. He is a tai chi teacher and is qualified in the Feldenkrais Method® (movement re-education) and Polarity Therapy. He is also an Inner Game coach. His draws on many years of study in neuroscience and positive psychology. His interests include eastern and western spiritual traditions, sport, travelling, the environment and all sorts of leading-edge ideas.

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“Paul is a master of somatics. Having studied the field for 25 years myself it’s not easy to find experts who can genuinely show me something new, but Paul is one of them. The weekend was insightful, quietly rigorous and we also had a lot of fun and laughter too!”