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Mon 25Mar
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Authentic Leadership

Facilitator: Richard Olivier & Bee James

We will use the story of Parsifal and the mythic ‘quest for the Grail’ as a mirror in which we can reflect on our own lives and the patterns that have run through it. We use Mythodramatic practices and breakthrough coaching sessions to engage in transformational learning.

Event time: Mon 25th Mar 2019 at 10:30am - Thu 28th Mar 2019 at 2:00pm

Participants will gain:

  • The courage & conviction to reconnect to Soul
  • A stronger sense of purpose and integrity
  • Deep awareness of their own gifts and blind spots
  • New insights & perspectives on their life and leadership potential

The myth of Parsifal and the Quest for the Grail is our guide to take leaders on a compelling and deep journey of self-discovery and purposeful enquiry. The initial stages of leadership are inevitably concerned with proving oneself and externally validated achievement. Yet, the more mature stages – beyond the hero – are concerned with legacy and service. This shift requires a move away from the transactional place where our necessary ego meets the external world, into self-reflective practice where we can recognise what needs to evolve in ourselves and our organisations. The more leaders are willing and able to be authentic, the more others are able to give them trust, support and discretionary effort; laying an essential foundation for transformative workplaces and organisations.

We invite participants to reflect on key patterns that run through their life and career. By honouring our formative experiences and noticing the archetypal qualities that they point to, we can liberate ourselves from unhelpful habits and earn the freedom to make conscious choices about our desired future.

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Richard Olivier

Richard Olivier is the founder of Mythodrama™ - a new form of experiential learning. Awarded Thought Leader 2013 by the Best Practice Institute, he works internationally as a leadership development consultant and workshop leader.

Olivier Mythodrama's work is a unique mixture of great stories, leadership development theory, archetypal characteristics and techniques from theatre that are woven together to create impactful, insightful and practical experiential learning.

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Bee James

Bee James joined Oliver Mythodrama in 2003 and is a senior associate and an experienced programme leader, facilitator and coach, delivering courses to a wide variety of global businesses as well as the not-for-profit and public sectors. Her specific areas of expertise are communication and presence and she is also currently developing leadership programmes for women.
An actor for 18 years, following her training at LAMDA, Bee spent four years as a leading actress at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre; during that time she also worked with Globe Education delivering workshops including seminars at Oxford University on “Playing at the Globe”.
Bee has a keen interest in her own and others personal transformation and she works as an executive coach using Mythodrama’s unique methodology.


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