Blacksmithing Day

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Sat 30Nov

Facilitator: Arian Leljak

During the Blacksmithing day workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn and experience the ancient elements of forge work: fire use and maintenance, heating the steel to around 1000 C, and hammering it on an anvil to produce graceful and long lasting items for day-to-day use.

Employing centuries-old technology and techniques you will be introduced to basic processes of tapering, bending, twisting, cutting, hole-punching and flattening hot steel. Learning these methods will enable participants to make a variety of useful items to take home and use for years to come.

Event time: Sat 30th Nov at 9:00am - Sat 30th Nov at 4:00pm

At a glance

  • You will have hands-on experience of forging hot iron
  • You will have the choice of items to make, welcome to bring own designs/ideas
  • You will learn how to make and maintain forge fire, heat the steel correctly, and apply correct techniques to produce well-made items
  • Plenty of tutor attention working in a small group of up to 5 participants

What will participants gain

  • An understanding of the craft process of blacksmithing
  • A range of projects completed based on individual interests
  • Practical techniques of shaping hot iron
  • Information on how you can build your own forge simply and cheaply

The Blacksmithing workshop is designed with a complete novice in mind, and no previous experience is needed. Situated in an open, stone-roofed workshop setting, the forge is set up with the most tangible and accessible technology where participants have the opportunity to be fully engaged and in charge of the learning process. You will be instructed and supported to learn the essential techniques necessary to complete your projects on the day, as well as apply the skills learned elsewhere. You will gain an understanding of the iron as a material, as well as age-old processes of working it with skill and appreciation. All projects are individual and completely hand-made, guaranteeing your sense of ownership and personal satisfaction with the fruits of your efforts.

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£100 Day course


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Practical Information

Registration and Arrival 9.00am-9.30am; course begins 9.30am. Course ends 4.00pm

Course fee includes coffee on arrival, morning break, delicious two-course lunch, afternoon tea. All tools, equipment, and materials supplied.

Arian Leljak

Arian Leljak is an experiential educator, blacksmith and a knife-maker with over 20-year experience in facilitating craft workshops in different contexts. He is a trained teacher and has worked with adults and children in public and school settings, craft camps, and has contributed to professional trainings and conferences on experiential education in UK, Sweden and USA. He has trained with famous Swedish Axe makers at Gransfors Bruks, and is inspired by the indigenous Scandinavian Sami craft and knife-making.


Many techniques covered with good detail. The tutor was very knowledgeable and friendly. The course was really informative and enjoyable."

- Mark Parry

"Very well rounded. Arian was friendly, encouraging as well as knowledgeable. Excellent course, really enjoyable. Tranquil environment."

- Rhoda Lock

"Very satisfying to learn a number of techniques and produce something by the end. Arian was engaging and knowledgeable. Really enjoyable."

- Anon