The Refugee Crisis - Conversations that Matter with Jaz O’Hara

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Conversations That Matter with Jaz O'Hara - Refugee Crisis
Thu 25Mar
Virtual Event

The Refugee Crisis

Facilitator: Jaz O'Hara

Event time: Thu 25th Mar 2021 at 7:00pm - Thu 25th Mar 2021 at 8:30pm

The Refugee Crisis remains the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. The UNHCR predicts that by 2050, 1 billion people will be displaced. But for many of us, this raises lots of questions… Why are so many people leaving their countries? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What are their journey’s like and what is life like inside Europe’s refugee camps?

For the opportunity to explore this issue, join our conversation with Jaz O’Hara, founder of The Worldwide Tribe and leading voice on migration. Although we might not relate to being a ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum seeker’, we all live on this earth together and are all impacted by migration.

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Conversations That Matter

Hawkwood is a place to grow, a place to create, and a place for conversation. Join us for this talk discussing the refugee crisis with Jaz O’Hara. We commit to opening up spaces for people to come together and have #ConversationsThatMatter. This explorative and widely inclusive ground is to share, connect and speak from or for our rapidly changing world. Click to see our full series.

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25th March 2021 19:00 – 20:30 GMT. One hour conversation plus Q&A.

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Conversations That Matter with Jaz O'Hara - Refugee Crisis

Jaz O'Hara

United Nations and TedX Speaker Jaz O’Hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, an organisation and online community raising awareness about the refugee crisis, whilst also supporting those caught up in it.
As a writer for The Huffington Post, winner of Marie Claire’s ‘Future Shaper’ award and member of Amnesty International’s ‘Collective’, Jaz has become a leading voice on the topic of migration from her unique and relatable perspective.

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