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Conversations that Matter with OMA
Wed 17Mar 21

Ancient Tales Lived Now

Join us for this one-hour online Conversation that Matters with practitioners and facilitators of Olivier Mythodrama as we explore how the ancient and powerful old tales and original myths can enable us to transform the living beating story of our experience.

This talk will be delivered via Zoom and streamed live to our Facebook and YouTube. It is brought to you purely through gift economy. Donations are welcome! To send your gift, click here and be sure to add the note “MYTH”.

Event time: Wed 17th Mar 2021 at 7:00pm - Wed 17th Mar 2021 at 8:00pm

Conversations That Matter

Hawkwood is a place to grow, a place to create and a place for conversation. We are committed to opening up spaces for people to come together and truly have #conversationsthatmatter. This is an explorative and widely inclusive ground to share, connect and speak from or for our rapidly changing world.

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The event will be held in real time with the tutor via the Zoom platform and live streamed to our Facebook and YouTube pages.

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Conversations that Matter is brought to you through gift economy – you can give what you feel inspired to gift and what you feel you are able to give rather than what you feel you "should" gift. Please register to confirm your attendance and to receive the Zoom link.

Micheal Boyle

Michael is a psychotherapist, facilitator and student of Mythology.
He is a Founding partner and senior programme Director at Olivier Mythodrama, for whom he has presented leadership seminars and facilitates workshops globally for 20 years.
He is also a training leader of the ManKind Project and a Founder of Abandofbrothers - a rites of passage and mentoring charity for young men. 
Michael’s extensive experience, particularly working with archetypes, has led him to believe that most of us have a far greater story living in us than we give ourselves permission to live out and that expanding the repertoire of archetypal expression is the key to wholeness and personal fulfilment.