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Thu 10Dec 20

A novel approach to history - Book Launch

Facilitator: Tessa Harris

Historical fiction used to be the poor relation of the literary world. Variously pigeon-holed as “bodice rippers” and “penny dreadfuls”,  historical novels were at best disregarded by the literati and at worst derided scornfully. In the last decade, however, all that has changed.

Some of the writing giants of our age, like Hilary Mantel, Anthony Doerr and Margaret Atwood, write historical novels that pack a punch and hold up mirrors not just to our past, but to our present.

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Event time: Thu 10th Dec 2020 at 7:00pm - Thu 10th Dec 2020 at 8:00pm

Author and journalist Tessa Harris believes that historical fiction has rarely been more important or more relevant to our everyday lives. With the launch of her tenth historical novel, “Beneath a Starless Sky”, set against the backdrop of the impending Second World War, she argues that we can all learn lessons from the past and that historical fiction is a great way to teach them.

This will be a thrilling conversation for all writers and readers of this genre.

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Tessa Harris

Tessa Harris is the author of nine published historical novels. Her debut, The Anatomist’s Apprentice, won the Romantic Times First Best Mystery Award 2012 in the US. She holds an MA in History from Oxford University and is also a journalist, playwright and screenwriter.

She has many years’ experience of researching and writing history, then translating it into fiction. Her nine historical novels to date have attracted a wide readership in America, where her publisher is based. She is also a qualified journalist and has written hundreds of articles for national magazines and newspapers. Her lively talks on medical mayhem in the 18th century and on Victorian crime have been heard by audiences the length and breadth of the country.

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