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Enrol Yourself Hawkwood Deepr Learning Marathon
Fri 20Nov
Sun 22Nov

How can we embed human connection in services and systems?

Join a 6 month Learning Marathon to explore the answer to this question and develop the craft of relationship-centred design, together with a dozen peers. Based in London with 2 residential weekends in Stroud, the Deepr Learning Marathon is powered by a trio of organisations who weave meaningful human connection into their work: Deepr, Enrol Yourself and Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking.

*Due to fantastic applications, we’re expanding our Learning Marathon. Meaning we have space for 1 or 2 more learners. These spaces are for people who identify as being from an underrepresented background.

Event time: Fri 20th Nov 2020 at 10:30am - Sun 22nd Nov 2020 at 2:00pm

At a Glance

  • A learning accelerator designed to nurture personal and professional growth
  • Explore the themes of human connection and relational design together with a dozen peers and three organisations putting these at the centre of what they do
  • A 6-month programme based in London, with residential weekends At Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

What will Participants Gain

  • The power and fundamentals of relational design, empathic interaction, authentic relating from the expertise of Deepr.
  • An interdisciplinary learning environment and space to tackle a learning question that matters to you, as a live project.
  • The Learning Marathon is designed to nurture your capacity for 21st Century capabilities like collaboration, creativity, complex problem solving, resilience, and continual learning.
  • A carefully crafted 6-month Path that provides structure and accountability to keep you moving, whilst harnessing the collective potential of the group.
  • The opportunity to practice, live and embody the over-arching theme of human connection during two residential weekends
We lead increasingly disconnected lives with loneliness and depression on the rise across all demographics.

Most of the services and systems we use everyday are designed in ways that reduce opportunities for meaningful human connection. We use apple pay in the self check-out queue, we check-in at the doctors by tapping a screen. We use less of our human judgement and social skills to communicate, to purchase, to organise. This is part of a drive for greater efficiency that places no value on the power of human connection and the huge benefits even tiny social interactions can have.

This kind of relationship-centred design is in its infancy, so we’ve come together as three organisations already optimising for connection: Deepr, Enrol yourself and Hawkwood. We’ll share some of the things we know, test some of the things we think we know, and discover new insights around embedding meaningful human connection.

We will curate a cross-sector peer group to bring together vital perspectives. Each group member will apply with a personal learning question that connects to our overarching question, for example:

  • How can I make the case for human connection in digital products when the driving force is efficiency?
  • What role could relational design have in the age of climate emergency?
  • How could meaningful human connection fit into hierarchical work structures?

You’ll take part in a 6-month programme of activities, designed to help the group pool ideas, skills, experience and perspectives. The programme creates a rich ‘soil’ that will fuel your response to your question – and growth of your knowledge and capabilities.

You’ll work towards a collaborative output and public event that will showcase individual questions and collective learnings about embedding human connection in services, systems and society.

If you have any questions you can Ellie at

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Practical Information

The Deepr Learning Marathon programme starts in November 2019 and will be made up of fortnightly meetups based in various London locations, with two residential weekends at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking (22nd - 24th November 2019 and 27th - 29th March 2020)

Ellie Osborne

Ellie Osborne is a facilitator, researcher, ethnographer, and coach. Her career to date has taken her on a path through insight, ethnography, futures, innovation, systems thinking, and learning and personal growth. In 2018 she embarked on her own Learning Marathon with Enrol Yourself, exploring questions around kindness, living more meaningfully, and became a member of the Deepr family of collaborators; connecting the final dots in order for the Deepr Learning Marathon to come to life. Her thirst to learn, create and grow is matched by her love of helping others connect and do the same.

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Deepr is the R&D lab at the forefront of thought and work on meaningful connection in service, culture and systems design. It is a collaborative group of designers, social leaders and sustainability thinkers and more, all focused on developing and testing methodologies that put meaningful human connection at the centre of their practice and being.

Deepr research and practice has shown that with greater acknowledged equality, autonomy and presence between people, we can create better services, increased individual wellbeing and the stronger relational culture that we all need for a sustainable future.

This Learning Marathon will be underpinned by a reciprocal and symbiotic relationship between participants and Deepr - along the way co-founder Matthew McStravick will support as a coach, advisor, champion and collaborator, while the group is openly invited to co-create something that shares their collective learnings with the world.

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Enrol Yourself

Founded in 2016 by Zahra Davidson and Roxana Bacian, a pair of social designers by background, Enrol Yourself is reimagining lifelong learning through the power of peer groups. The Learning Marathon is a peer-led learning accelerator for self-directed learners, equipping them to grow themselves, together, amidst increasing uncertainty.

In summer 2017 it won the Our Place in the World award which brought support from InnovationRCA and UnLtd to expand to new regions in 2018, working with facilitators in London and Birmingham. It continues to spread the power of peer groups with new cohorts coming to life in Bristol, London and Sofia, Bulgaria, and with new partnerships such as this collaboration with Deepr

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"Ellie is brave, hugely playful and deeply compassionate. She's fascinating and fascinated."

- Dave Heinemann, facilitator

“I see Deepr as having the potential to reach a deep leverage point, with many possible use cases and wide beneficial impacts.”​

- David Bent, UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

"Enrol Yourself is proof that peer-to-peer learning can be just as enriching as the best parts of going to university."

- Irit Pollak, 2017 Learning Marathon participant

"Multiply by twelve the resources, knowledge, experience, and encouragement you would have by yourself."

- Clemence Tanzi, 2016 Learning Marathon participant