Fire Ceremony

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Fire Ceremony
Sat 05Sep

In honour of Cuda

Facilitator: Kate Dineen

The mystery of fire speaks directly to us and reminds us of our ancient selves, the calling of our ancestors whose wisdom we carry in our DNA. In prehistoric times fire was used locally for warmth, cooking; upon beacons to warn of danger; and in ceremonies.

To connect with Kate and reserve your space, please email her directly:

Event time: Sat 5th Sep 2020 at 7:00pm - Sat 5th Sep 2020 at 8:00pm

In the Fire Ceremonies at Hawkwood, we stand in circle as Kate leads us into a profound experience where we learn to ‘exchange energies’ with the fire, celebrate the full moon, the Celtic wheel, and come together to cleanse ourselves, pray, and offer our thanks to mother earth, sun, moon, stars and all of creation.

We begin with a guided meditation around the fire pit. We connect with and call upon the forces of nature, before lighting the fire. Bring your singing voice, your drums, your instruments. Together we will make music and song as we offer our prayer sticks to the fire and release any heaviness, asking for healing warmth and guidance.

Participants come away feeling grounded, cleansed, lighter and more centred.

Come sing and stand in circle around the sacred fire, release heaviness, offer gratitude for the summer harvest and connect with the local Earth Mother Cuda.

Price Options

£5 Suggested Donation
£7 Suggested Donation
£Free Children

Practical Information

Meet by the filter ponds below Hawkwood House.

Bring a Prayer Stick (this is a stick which you find and can decorate if you wish) & Drums/Rattles for the Ceremony; drink, snack, song to share after.

The event is £7/£5 adults; children free. Please bring cash to give to Kate directly on the evening, or make alternative arrangements with her.

Kate Dineen

Kate is a Shamanic Healer, Celebrant and Teacher offering one to one healing, workshops, ceremonies and training. Initiated in the Inka medicine traditions, she is also a native of Stroud and harmonises Andean Spirituality with the teachings of local nature spirits and Cotswolds ancestral spirituality.

In the spirit of reciprocity Kate supports the Qero and with their blessing draws upon their wisdom and applies it to her Stroud heartland. She has spent many years working with individuals and groups helping others to come back into a deep soulful relationship with nature and heal themselves in the process. The teachings can be applied wherever you live in the world, rural or urban.

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