Fragmentation & Cohesion

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Sat 25May
Sun 26May

Art & the Body-Mind

Facilitator: Paul King & Helen Garrett

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Thank you to those of you who expressed interest in this event. If you register your interest using the form below, we will let you know if we re-advertise or re-programme the event in the future.

Through simple movements and artistic expression, we will engage our body’s kinaesthetic and inherent wisdom in this weekend of creative exploration and practice.

Many of us today experience a sense of fragmentation as we seek to understand the world we are in and fulfill the many roles and expectations within our lives. Yet through acknowledging this fragmentation, we can open up a space for self-knowledge and exploration towards wholeness. In this workshop, we will combine inspiration from Eastern approaches to art-making with somatic awareness and tai chi influenced movement. Is it possible to re-imagine the shaping of ourselves – where parts become a source of creativity and edge? Can we stimulate a flowing connectivity, finding relationship and meaning, drawing together our fragmented experiences towards an embodied whole?

Read our interview with Paul and Helen for more information

Event time: Sat 25th May at 9:30am - Sun 26th May at 5:00pm

At a glance

  • Dialogue and sharing of varied perspectives on fragmentation and cohesion
  • Fragmentation and Cohesion are parts in an ongoing dynamic and creative conversation
  • Working with the Chinese brush, paint and collage as tools for exploration and externalising our inner experiences
  • Tapping into the inherent wisdom of the body, finding centre and making connections through gentle short exercises

Participants will gain

  • Ways to acknowledge and articulate inner experiences and patterns
  • Practices to support a sense of cohesion and meaning in daily living
  • A creative sense of spaciousness and flow in the potentially demanding context of their lives.
  • Nurturing a calm balanced centred
  • An opportunity to explore connecting ‘parts’ and ‘wholes’

It is noticeable at this particular time in Western living that many people are experiencing stress or a sense of fragmentation as attempts are made to fulfill the many roles and expectations of daily living.  Familiar patterns of our body-mind can keep us stuck or left with a feeling of overwhelming. Is there a way in which we can re-order and re-imagine the many parts of ourselves?

What can our images and movement tell us about our approach and response to these forces? Are they imposed upon us or initiated by us? Can acknowledging fragmentation stimulate a new flowing connectivity and relationship to the whole? Could there be small changes or shifts in our awareness that can support us to feel spacious when cramped, creative when blocked or calm under pressure?

Through simple movements, we will engage our body’s kinesthetic and inherent wisdom and through art, we will make our mark literally and metaphorically in a weekend of creative exploration and practice.

Read our interview with Paul and Helen for more information

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Practical Information

Please wear clothing that is comfortable for movement and suitable for making art. Materials we will use will include Chinese brush and paint, among others.

Paul King

Paul King is an experienced coach, consultant and trainer and co-founder of The Beyond Partnership Ltd, a leading-edge people development company that works directly with individuals and organisations and offers a variety of public programmes and events. He has a particular passion for, and expertise in, integral and somatic approaches and practices. Paul is a teacher of tai chi, somatic intelligence and conscious embodiment. He is also qualified in the Feldenkrais Method® (movement re-education) and is a certified NLP Trainer.

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Helen Garrett

Helen Garrett is an exhibiting Artist and has been working as a professional Artist for many years, selling her paintings privately and through her representing gallery, internationally. She is also a workshop facilitator experienced in working with diverse groups of people and in therapeutic settings using art as a medium in which to explore transformation on all its levels.Within her teaching is an invitation to look again at the unique essence of the individual and the relational possibilities within each human life. She enjoys using drawing and natural form to stimulate ideas within a group. Her recent work forms an inquiry into relationship, how we communicate and our attitudes towards change

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“I felt the workshop was a wonderful integration of exploration, experience and shared dialogue; beautiful, calming and welcoming environment. Great hosts.”

“I attended Helen Garrett’s ‘Nature of Relationship’ summer school, curious and rather dreading the drawing bit – I can’t draw for toffee. In almost no time I was seduced into the magic of the paper and Chinese brushes and the possibility of ‘not trying to draw’ but allowing the charcoal to take the lead. The process was extraordinary. Helen’s teaching style is so refined ... I came away with a new sense of our capacity to find intimate connection and relationship…”

“Paul is a master of somatics. Having studied the field for 25 years myself it’s not easy to find experts who can genuinely show me something new, but Paul is one of them. The weekend was insightful, quietly rigorous and we also had a lot of fun and laughter too!”