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Mon 04May
Thu 07May

A healing therapy workshop

Facilitator: Jain Wells & Aidan Mcintyre

There is no better way to learn and understand the exceptional healing capacity of the gong than to experience a shift in one’s own healing and consciousness, and to witness the same in others.

This workshop intensive involves guided self-healing sessions with the gong to help ground the principles of gong sound healing training, with practice time gonging others in sacred community space, and more.

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Event time: Mon 4th May at 2:00pm - Thu 7th May at 2:00pm

Participants will gain

  • Learn the importance of the conscious use of the gong for optimal healing benefit
  • Learn specific healing techniques and approaches using the gong.
  • Learn practical elements of playing the gong for self-healing, working with others, and guiding groups.

At any given time we each experience issues of many different types, at the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels. The gong sound wave vibrations affect all of these levels when used consciously. As we learn to play the gong with sensitivity and awareness we open to the changes it may offer us for self-healing, gong meditation, guiding others in focused healing sessions, using the gong an integrative context – with Reiki healing; massage; acupuncture; hypnotherapy; yoga classes and yoga therapy; counselling sessions; physiotherapy and other forms of healing; and group-work with the gong.

The workshop will help you understand about the different types of gongs; how they affect deep change and transformation; how to play the gong well; how to buy the right gong and accessories for your needs – whether for self-healing for home and family use; focused one-to-one healing therapy; small-group therapy; and guiding others in various public contexts with gong sound healing journeys (with other instrumentation); and to create sacred community circles through this powerful sound healing instrument. Be ready not only for personal transformation but for empowering yourself to help others.

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Practical Information

Materials to bring: If you have a gong, please feel free to bring it along (no stand necessary). Please bring a yoga mat, small cushion for your head, and light blanket/covering (no pillows or heavy blankets please), an A4 sized notebook and good writing pen, eye covering (dark sock, glove or scarf). Necessary experience: this workshop is directed to sound healing practitioners, those who want to become gong sound healing practitioners, and healing practitioners of other healing modalities (such as Reiki, massage, acupuncture, etc.) who want to integrate gong sound healing into their existing practices.

What to wear: Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, ie. light stretchy clothing, perhaps yoga pants, and socks to keep your feet warm. The temperature in the room will be warm. Please note that you will never be asked to share personal information with the group if you don't want to, though there will be processes involving one-to-one sharing.

Aidan Mcintyre

Aidan Mcintyre met the gong in 1993 and it was a transformational experience, to say the least. From that moment on he has dedicated his life to sharing his experience and research with the World at large. The Singing Bowls came into his life at that same time and they became an integral addition to his work with the Gong. From that first meeting, he and Don have become life-long friends and have travelled and worked together ever since.

Aidan is a generous teacher sharing his acquired wisdom. He also likes sharing his large collection of Gongs, Antique Singing Bowls and Conch shells, sharing their origins and uses in Sound Therapy. Don and Aidan together created the Gong Master Training Course which came to fruition in the UK and is now in its twenty-second year in 2018. They have taken this training around the world to Europe, Asia and both North and South America and Australia.. The UK GMT is a rare opportunity to receive the training from both Don and Aidan teaching together. When not on the road teaching, Aidan has a practice teaching individual students personally or via Skype and offers one-to-one gong therapy from his home in Gloucestershire.

Aidan is also the creator of the ‘Rotogong’ which is an attachment to the gong stand which enables one to rotate any gong 360 degrees whilst playing. ‘’ I believe that this creation will change the way the Gong is presented by the gong playing community and that it completely revolutionises the whole Gongbath experience both sonically and emotionally’’

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Jain Wells

Jain Wells, Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychologist, therapist and gong sound healing researcher who integrates her work using healing and consciousness practices with gong sound healing. Gong Maestro Aidan McIntyre has 25 years experience leading international gong and sound trainings, for beginners and advanced practitioners.