Further Journey in Mastery of the Gong

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Mon 28Oct
Fri 01Nov

Sacred sound as a transformational tool.

Facilitator: Aidan McIntyre & Tim Byford

Hands-on training in small groups. We will guide you towards a deeper connection with your clients. We will have time to use the gongs and bowls in full-length therapy sessions.

  • Exploration of gong playing techniques
  • To enable you to give in-depth one to one therapy.
  • The importance of intention and the ability to set a clear and mutually agreed intention.
  • To develop telepathic resonance and the ability to pay with others.

Event time: Mon 28th Oct at 2:00pm - Fri 1st Nov at 2:00pm

At a glance

  • One to one sound healing, self-healing, group work.
  • Gong techniques. How to play well with many different mallets.
  • Bowl techniques. How to play well with wands and mallets.
  • Listening with the entirety of your being.

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with master quality instruments, both gong, and singing bowls, and also receive instruction on the shruti box, chanting, toning and singing.

The course should be approached both as a valuable resource for deepening in ones own therapy practice and also in the spirit of teaching teachers to teach teachers, the call to everyone entering the way of the gong.

Price Options

£670 Residential Single
£600 Residential Shared
£460 Non Residential


18 available

Practical Information

Arrivals and check-in from 1.00pm onwards; The course will commence at 2.00pm and will finish with lunch on the last day.

Please note that prices are listed per person.

Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches, and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Aidan Mcintyre

Aidan Mcintyre met the gong in 1993 and it was a transformational experience, to say the least. From that moment on he has dedicated his life to sharing his experience and research with the World at large. The Singing Bowls came into his life at that same time and they became an integral addition to his work with the Gong. From that first meeting, he and Don have become life-long friends and have travelled and worked together ever since.

Aidan is a generous teacher sharing his acquired wisdom. He also likes sharing his large collection of Gongs, Antique Singing Bowls and Conch shells, sharing their origins and uses in Sound Therapy. Don and Aidan together created the Gong Master Training Course which came to fruition in the UK and is now in its twenty-second year in 2018. They have taken this training around the world to Europe, Asia and both North and South America and Australia.. The UK GMT is a rare opportunity to receive the training from both Don and Aidan teaching together. When not on the road teaching, Aidan has a practice teaching individual students personally or via Skype and offers one-to-one gong therapy from his home in Gloucestershire.

Aidan is also the creator of the ‘Rotogong’ which is an attachment to the gong stand which enables one to rotate any gong 360 degrees whilst playing. ‘’ I believe that this creation will change the way the Gong is presented by the gong playing community and that it completely revolutionises the whole Gongbath experience both sonically and emotionally’’

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Tim Byford

Tim Byford is an accomplished musician and vocalist who is a past student of several GMT’s. He has also extensively studied MEM Gong Yoga with Don in Europe. Tim will share the joy of group drumming enabling us to synchronise our minds and bodies as one as we play. Tim will bring his drum collection for us to share and play. Students are welcome to bring their own favourite drums to the party.

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