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Reconnecting to your inner guidance self love sabina rademacher
Mon 14Sep 20

Reconnecting to your inner guidance

Facilitator: Sabina Rademacher

Breaking through to your heart’s wisdom: A live talk

So many of us have been living cut off from our heart’s wisdom due to cultural, educational and societal up-bringing. This cut-off has a tremendous impact on our ability for heart-connection, and in particular, our very own self-love. Self-love is the pillar of any relationship, be it with oneself, a partner, in the family home and in our professional lives.

This talk will be delivered via Zoom and streamed live to our Facebook and YouTube. It is brought to you purely through gift economy. Donations are welcome! To send your gift, click here and be sure to add the note “SABINA”.

Event time: Mon 14th Sep 2020 at 7:00pm - Mon 14th Sep 2020 at 8:00pm

From a young age we were asked to take residence mostly and even only in the mind. While there are many great thinkers in the world, this has lead to “thought” being of greater value than “feeling”. Most modern humans have lost the living and daily connection to their own body, through which the real authentic inner wisdom is housed, waiting for you to knock at the door.

Come back, re-connect. Take response-ability. No one else can do it for you. This is an invitation to listen to what is within your own heart, to the wisdom of your own inner knowing.

Conversations That Matter

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The talk will be held in real time with the tutor via the Zoom platform and Live Streamed to our Social Media Channels.

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Sabina Rademacher

Sabina is an international Love & Relationship Coach. Her background in International Business Development and Cross-Cultural Communication led her to work all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds. Whilst working with the young people of Embercombe, Sabina heard her heart’s voice. Since then, she has dedicated her work and focus on Love. She is passionately devoted to all aspects of this work, including self love, relationships and conscious uncoupling. Sabina is accredited by AC (Association of Coaching) and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Mentoring), UK.

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