The Uncanny Landscape

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The Uncanny Landscape - Justin Hopper - 21-X251
Mon 13Sep
Virtual Event

Conversation that Matters with Justin Hopper

Facilitator: Justin Hopper

Event time: Mon 13th Sep 2021 at 7:00pm - Mon 13th Sep 2021 at 8:00pm

Writer, curator and recording artist Justin Hopper makes work about physical landscape, memory & myth – and the strange crossroads at which they meet. In conversation with artist and writer Matthew Shaw, he’ll discuss books, records and art that help us ‘deal with’ landscape. And about how this uncanny moment offers opportunity – as well as discomfort.

Landscape Memory and Myth

Through books, recordings and exhibitions, Justin Hopper explores the haunting of the present by the past through landscape, memory and myth. Hopper’s work stems from the acknowledgement that we live in the age of landscape – a period of reckoning in the relationship between the human and the non-human. Between ourselves and our memories; between people and the passage of time.

Hawkwood’s own Matthew Shaw knows these concepts well. His own work deals with the vagaries of memory and the uncanny of the ecological, historical and mythological moment.

Together, they will hold a conversation about the nature of the modern relationship with place, and how writing, art and music can contribute to a new understanding. The world has begun to reconcile itself to a period of crisis, and yet also begins to emerge from the throes of lockdowns and chaos. How can we turn our uncanny vision of the landscape into a tool for reimagining?

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The event will be held as a YouTube Premier. The link to watch will be updated here in due course.

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Justin Hopper

Justin Hopper is a writer whose work explores the intersection of landscape, memory and myth. His book The Old Weird Albion (Penned in the Margins) is a psychogeographic memoir of England’s South Downs; his album Chanctonbury Rings (Ghost Box Records) explores loss through a ghost story at an Iron Age hillfort. He has made audio-poetry walking tours for art festivals and galleries in London, East Anglia and America. For ten years he has curated biennial exhibitions of contemporary British landscape art at an American new-media gallery. For five years he taught landscape-writing courses at Tate Britain, and has also taught or spoken on the same subject at venues from the National Writer’s Centre in Norwich to Fusebox Brighton to the National Gallery and many more. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he now lives in East Anglia after moving to the UK nearly a decade ago.

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Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is a composer, author and artist as well as current Partnership Manager and Curator for Hawkwood.

Atmosphere of Mona, a book of prose poetry and photography was published by Annwyn House in 2020. Matthew has recently worked with Shirley Collins on her album Heart’s Ease for Domino Recordings. With Shaun Ryder and John Robb as Spectral & with Richard Norris composing the score to ‘The Filmmakers House’ a film by Marc Isaacs.

In 2019 Matthew worked with Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager on #BloodMoney as The Pop Group x Matthew Shaw, featuring a reworking of songs from the ‘Y’ album.

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