Kabbalah & the New Sciences

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Mon 26Aug
Tue 27Aug

A Kabbalistic view on science

Facilitator: Mike Bais

Kabbalah and science will be brought together in this intensive course, where we will primarily experience that the different paths of science and mysticism all lead to the same end. This is a workshop where theory and practice will come together into a direct experience of both disciplines.

Event time: Mon 26th Aug at 4:00pm - Tue 27th Aug at 4:00pm

You will learn:

  • Theory and practice about Kabbalah and new sciences
  • Practical application of metaphysics together with physics
  • Self-healing and inner tools for transforming yourself
  • Using the power of belief and suggestion
  • The healing properties of stillness (consciousness) in daily life
  • How to beneficially live your inner life in response to outer circumstances
  • About what food is recommended on different levels of your being
  • And much more

In recent decades, there has been a growing interest in bringing together spiritual traditions with the material sciences. Many scientists have concluded through their research and experience that at a certain level the boundaries of how we used to define matter, are not as stable and fixed as we previously believed. As a consequence, many old theories are no longer useful as inner maps for reality. Kabbalah and science are brought together here in a  revolutionary development, which sheds a completely different light on what we think of as Sspirit, soul, matter, DNA and hereditary factors.

After the first successful workshop of 2018, Hawkwood  and Mike Bais are launching this course again, but with new material coming from science and Kabbalah: Neuroplasticity, Quantum physics, Micro-biology and Microbiome (new subject!).

Price Options

£120 Non-Residential
£145 Residential Shared
£165 Residential Single


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

Practical Information

It is not necessary to be a Kabbalist to follow this workshop, although it helps the student to have some knowledge of it.

Please note that prices are listed per person. Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Mike Bais

Mike Bais from Holland, is a Kabbalist, physio-and holistic therapist and counsellor, University teacher and has run his own organisation (Avalon) for over 18 years. Mike is the founder of the Companions of the Round Table; a group of souls who wish to work on the spiritual development of mankind. He has followed the Kabbalistic work of Zév ben Shimon Halevi and is a tutor of the Kabbalah Society Holland (Utrecht), runs courses and has been teaching his own group for about 9 years, and lectures at international seminars. He sees the tremendous value of integrating Kabbalah with contemporary sciences, music, art and ordinary, daily life.

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“Mike Bais used the Tree of Life to demonstrate how metaphysical tensions impinge right down to subatomic levels - how our thoughts, feelings and deep emotional patterns are mirrored in cellular activity, in their resistances and defenses and conflicts. His workshop was thoroughly researched and backed up with sounds scientific evidence garnered also from his firsthand experience as a health practitioner... An altogether thoroughly productive and enjoyable workshop.”

- Katherine Davies

“Mike is an experienced teacher who applies Kabbalistic principles to explain our relationship to the microcosm and the macrocosm and the crucial link to a person’s health, offering the potential for healing through a better understanding of the forces at work.”

- James Calvert

“Mike Bais is an inspiring teacher and presents the complexities of the New Biology and the remarkable intelligence of our cellular structures in a clear and accessible way. His knowledge of the Tree of Life deeply informs all he passes on.”
- Joanna Lapage-Brown